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Que tal peeps!

Thanks for your support! You all know the drill. This card needs at least 10 likes before I created the other part.

Mature Content

Let's get into part 2 of this series.
You run you and bath and drink half a bottle of wine before you slip into the bath. As you stick your foot into the warm water you hear a buzz. You walk to your buzzer speaker. "Who is it?" You say wondering who it could be at a time like this. "Hey sorry but it's me Namjoon." You buzz him in and waited at the door for him. He greeted with a painful smile. Your stomach dropped when you seen his face. His eye was beginning to bruise. "Hey can I crash here for a bit? It's too crazy at home." Namjoon says. "Yes you can Namjoon." You say. You two walk into the kitchen and you put some tea on for him and offer him some leftovers. You two sit in silence as you warm up the leftovers. "It's not much but it is yummy." You smile while handing him the food. "Ah thanks shorty. I really appreciate it." Namjoon says. You laugh at that nickname. The guys call you that since you are very short. You watch him as he pour his tea and began eating. "May I ask what happened?" You say. "Yoongi. I told him that he should treat you better. After event that happened a while ago the guys and I were pissed. He was wrong for what he did. Then today after the argument I just had enough. We exchanged words and began fighting. Why do you waste your life with him?" All of sudden you felt dirty again and remembered that bath you had waiting. You ignore his question and smile. "There are actually guys that like you and want to give you the world." Namjoon says while looking eyes with you. This tension was too much for you. You made up in your mind that no one but Yoongi would ever deal with you, and he barley does. "Well enjoy your meal. I have a bath calling for me. You can crash in the guest room of the couch in livingroom. It's up to you." You say while walking away. You throw off your robe and put you sleeping mask over your eyes after you sat in the tub. The water was just right. The bathroom smelled of a tropical bliss and you could feel pieces of Yoongi soaking off you. You really needed this bath, plus you were sore from running. However, you mind began running. Why do I allow myself to let Yoongi treat me like ish? Who the heck are these other guys Namjoon was talking about. Maybe I will ask my girl Jessamine about what I could do. She's with Jimin and she knows about female empowerment. She takes no bull from Jimin. You become happy with your solution and began relaxing again. You turn up the music you had playing in the background and then continue soaking. Suddenly you felt these hands massaging your breasts. It felt so good and you begin moaning. You didn't know if you were dreaming or what was going on. Reality hit you when you felt a hand go in between your legs. You quickly snatched off your eye mask. You looked and seen Namjoon blushing. "I just wanted to thank you." Namjoon said. "What the hell Kim Namjoon. You are a perv." You say even though you were liking it. "I know this is strange but I really like you. I was talking about me earlier." Namjoon says. Your stomach drops. You were speechless. "I know I know but could we you know...get to learn more about each other on different terms?" He says. "But what about Yoongi?" You say. "Fuck Yoongi! Who cares how he feels. He had his chance and he fucked up." Namjoon says. "Well, low key I like you too. I feel like a woman around you...not a bag of meat to be pounded without mercy." You say. Namjoon smiles. "So that is a yes?" You nod and smile. He kisses your forehead. "Well let's go to the art show Friday after practice. That's two days from now. Jimin is taking Jessamine and it would be like a double date." Namjoon says. "Sure that would be cool. Now get out!" You says while laughing. "Okay shorty I'm onw to bed anyway. Enjoy your bath." Namjoon winks at you before closing the door. You smile and do a little dance in the bath. Then you think I NEED A HUGE MAKEOVER! NOW I REALLY HAVE TO SEE JESSAMINE!
Jessamine sips on her bubble tea as she listens to you tell your story. She already heard from Jimin, Hobi, and Jungkook but was all ears in to hear your side of the story. "Chica why didn't you tell me or respond to my calls? Jimin and Hobi told me first then Jungkook told me. I was super pissed. I told you about Yoongi." Jessamine says. "Well I was ashamed and I didn't want to be judged. It took me a while to even process my feelings." You say while grabbing a cookie. Jessamine has been your friend for about 3 years know and you consider her a sister. However, she will never know how low you feel around her. She has so much confidence and great style. She was the opposite of you. She owned her own skincare line. Even though it is through YG Entertainment she dated Jimin from Big Hit Entertainment. Jessamine reapplied her purple lipgloss and looked at her phone. It was Jimin blowing her up. She waited as she giggled and texted him back. You prayed that soon you and Namjoon would be like that. As you envied Jessamine you got a text message from Namjoon. You're beautiful. Have a great day shorty. You could hear his deep voice in your mind as you read the text and you smiled. Yoongi never did ish like this for you. "So now you are going to date Namjoon. Honestly, I'm not going to throw shade, but I will say protect your heart and think like a boss. We are dealing with Kpop guys and things can get sloppy as you know it. You have to be strong and say what you mean." Jessamine says while patting your hand. "Well I need a make over. All I own is yoga pants, sweats, maybe one skirt, and tees." You say while trying not to look so desperate. "OMG Chica let's hit the malls. Jimin will have to wait." Jessamine says while grabbing your hand. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ You were super tired after dealing with Jessamine but it was for the better. You loved your new hair color and she taught you how to do simple but cute makeup looks. You knew you were ready from this date with Namjoon and this new life. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ After practice you head over to the guys place to get ready. Yoongi said nothing to you at all that day and he quickly locked himself in his room. Jessamine came over already made up and she was to help you out. You two giggle as you both go into the guest room. Jessamine helps you slip into a black lace fitted shirt with cat sleeves and short black leather pleated skirt. You used red lip tint, BB cream, and had a soft cat eye. Jessamine called it a kitten eye, becuase you were taking baby steps. You slipped into some cute red flats with silver studs on them. Jessamine was helping you learn how to walk in heels and you were ready for the transition from converses to heels. She pulled your hair half up and used a cute red ribbon to hold it half up. "Beautiful. Now look." She says while pulling you into the mirror. You didn't know who that girl was looking back at you.You were pleased but you began looking back at Jessamine and mentally cutting yourself down as she cleaned up. You looked nothing like her. She was well polished in her body icon red dress that hugged her curves. She had a bold cat eye with nude lips and sexy ass red bottom shoes. Jessamine noticed you staring at her and shook her head. Don't compare yourself chica. "How you know I was doing that?" You say in a baby voice. "You make that baby face and bite your lip when you do." She says. "Well why you have to look so sexy?" You say. "Well this is my style plus Jimin loves it. I like making him happy. I mean he wears what I like him in too. Plus he bought me these shoes some months ago and has been complaining about me not wearing them. Do you chica." Jessamine says. "Wow you would use Namjoon's song title. I got you and you are right. I need to do me and fuck the haters!" You say while hugging her. Jessamine walks to the livingroom where everyone was at. Jimin couldn't take his ha ds off her. She finally playfully pushed him away. "Jimin wait until tonight bro." Jin laughs. "Listen guys I present to you the new and improved beautiful lady of dance. Come out girl!" Jessamine yells. Hobi plays some runway music and you step out like a boss. You walk with confidence and twirl around. "What up fools!" You says while laughing. "Damn shorty." Namjoon says while hugging you. "She looks great! You got skills Jessamine!" Jin says. Jessamine laughs and then punches Jimin in the arm for randomly slapping her butt. Tae laughs at the couple. "Let's go before the crowd hits." Jimin says. You, Namjoon, Jessamine, and Jimin gather your things and walk to the door only to find Yoongi standing in front of the door. "Bro we are leaving excuse us." Namjoon says. "So you are all are leaving huh? Yoongi says. Suddenly...........

Jajajajaja! Until next time peeps! Dab on 'em!

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go get her namjoon yoongi go away you fucked things up big time
Ugh yoongi!!! I hate when he's the bad character because it gets me so irritated. But I love this, I wonder what's going B to happen?
DAMN YOU!! JESUS!!! You are killing me!!!!! this was a good one, as usual.
Damn things are bout to go down haha