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Angst Screen Shot Game
Hey everyone, been a while since I've played a SSG. Came across this one made by @Gaarita100 on the BTOB community. Its a super fun one! Go try it out here

It's finally true, Namjoon and I dating! Yes!

It's still premature, but I'm still in that honeymoon phase. Super giddy and bubbly and cuddly.

Who are you? Why Joonie? I thought everything was going good so far. Tomorrow is our anniversary.

I'm left speechless. Go, go be a father. I'll be happy for you.

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wheein is from Mamamoo
a year ago·Reply
@StefaniTre haha I knew that....kind of. But dang!
a year ago·Reply
Couldn't it have been Hwasa instead? I would have been ok with that... @StefaniTre
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
I just did mine
a year ago·Reply