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Chapter 12 ************** ~Person's P.O.V~ We walked up to the castle. It was my brother, my father and I being the only girl. The doors opened and we walked in. There was pictures hanging on the wall. Since I was walking behind my father and brothers, I got distracted by a family picture with a man with his wife and the six boys. Looking at each one of them, I studied their faces. There was one boy in particular that caught my eye. He had a sharp jawline with dark black hair, his eyes filled loneliness. He looked gorgeous and I couldn't help but long for him. There was a slap across my head. I yelped and rubbed my head to see my oldest brother glaring at me. "Ow!!" I hissed at him as he rolled his eyes. "Come on, there's no time for wasting around. We came here for business." He bragged me by the wrist. I took one last glance at the picture. We walked in a room with seven red eye vampires looking at us. "You must be the hunters we hired?" One said. He seemed to be the leader of this group. "Yes and you must be JaeSun?" My father asked. "Yes this is Aron, JiYoung, Sora, Daehun, Wooseok, and Kyung." JaeSun introduce them one by one. We all bowed to them. My oldest brother Corey had his hand on my neck to force me to bow down to them. "What is it that you would like us to do?" My father asked. "We heard that your the best Hunters out there and we have a small problem that we can't take on our hands. We were hoping you would take the job. We are willing to pay you and your family more then the original price." "No no there's no need for that. We will do anything for our clients" "I see, here is the file. This is Master Dongchul. We want him gone before our prince's get their hands dirty even more then they can." Prince's? Could it be the boys in the picture on the wall? Could he be a prince? "You have an interesting daughter, Hunter" a lady said looking at me. My brother's and my father looked at me as I gulped. "Child, you are curious of one of our prince. From what I have seen from your mind it is Prince Ravi that your more curious about. Come to me child and let me read you" she said. I gulped and took steps towards her. She came down her platform and walked infront of me. Her white long hair was covered in a red hood but it flowed out of the hood and down her front. She had a headband with a charm on her forehead. She reaches out for my hand as her red eyes searched me. "I see losing your mother at a young age must have been hard on you, my child. The energy source is a blance of spiritual and you will set his beast free. You are for sure his mate to be. This I do see. May the spirits lead you, my child. He is a good man but also a beast that can only be tamed by love. That his spell will break." She said as she spoke in riddles. She let go of my hand and walked back up the platform and I walked back to my family. "We will take the job. We will let you know when the job is done" My fathersaid and turned on his heels after bowing to them. We bowed and followed after our father. I once again past the picture and took a glance at the prince. "Stop looking at the picture and get your ass in the car." Corey dragged me again. I pouted as we stepped into the night. That was one of the fastest meeting I have ever been too. All nine of us piled in the van and drove to our home base. I couldn't help but rethink what Lady Sora said to me. His spell will break? His beast can only be tamed by love? What could this mean that the spirits will lead me. I had all of these questions running in my head and I wanted answers to them. "Would you stop dozing off in dream land!" Once again my perfect brother Corey slaps my head. I was getting sick of it. Him, the rest of my brother and my father never show me respect in the household. I rolled my eyes. "If you don't stop hitting me, I swear to the goddess that I'll kick you where the sun does not shine" I growled between my teeth. He took that as a challenge and had me in a head hold. I flipped my body forward so my legs were around his neck. I pulled us back and we landed on the ground. I quickly got up in a fighting stance. He tried punching me but I ducked down and jabbed him in the gut. It went on like this until our father grabbed the collars of our shirts and broke us apart. "Enough, can we please act like a family and not wild wolves!!! Corey leave your sister alone. She's the baby in the house." He said. Which was true. All seven of my brother's were older then me and I was the baby in the family. He muttered under his breathe and walked away. I stood there as my father glared at me. "Why must you picks fights with them?" Asking me. I had my jaw dropped open. I was the one picking fights while he was the one slapping me. "He's the one that started it!!!" "I don't want to hear it!! Go to your room!!!" He yelled at me. "Yeah like that solves anything. If I wasn't here, you all would be one happy family!!" I yelled back at him and stomped my way up to my room. I know its childish but what can you say, I am the baby of the family. I shut the door and looked at the picture of mom and I when she was happy and not worried about her cancer. I felt the tears roll down my cheek as I whipped them away and crawled into bed. "I love you mom" I whispered into the air before letting the sleep take over.
Oooo a sneak peek at Ravi's mate...I like! Yay you brought in hunters. This just keeps getting better and better!😆
@MaritessSison I spoiled you guys to much already. lol and thank you ^_^
@Princess2425 haha yeah. Im the second oldest but having younger siblings I can see where they stand. I agree Dongchul wont stand a chance.
Oooohhh!!! Ravi's got a mate!!! I really look forward to his storyline with her! I totally get what its like to be the baby of the family (minus seven older brothers) Being the baby has its perks and drawbacks. Yay someone on Vixx's is going to help! Dongchul doesn't stand a chance! 💪
@Eliortiz13 okay ^_^
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