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like seriously why all of a sudden people want to attack us Babyz? for what purpose? cause we are a peaceful fandom and don't cause drama for anyone. because we love our group so much that we try to keep our head above the hate? why all of a sudden? is it cause B.A.P is finally getting recognized? People need to stop causing so much drama. We are not into that. We will ignore the hate we will remain calm and we will focus only on our boys and help them have the most successful comeback ever! we will stand up and stand strong and fight through the hate with maturity and poise! we will not stoop down to the haters levels we will stay above it with class!

B.A.P Yes Sir!

That's the most ridiculous thing...hate is not something that would make any idol proud of their fans.
that's true but Babyz are one of the few Fandoms that don't cause drama and we support a other groups and Fandoms when our men were away we were waiting patiently and in the process we learned to be patient and understanding and support other groups. I'm a multi fan of alot of groups and I support them just as much as I do with B.A.P
Damn petty people wanting to ruin a nice fansom
Im not actually apart of Babyz, but as an Army ill support all Babyz through this really bad thing, i hate when fans attack other fandoms.
wow I just realized how badly I misspelled my comment lol
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