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Your perspective Pairing : Jimin x reader Warning: mature content
August 5th Jimin took me back to his dorm today after finishing the recording of an English version of 'Legit'. This comeback better be worth the work. The boys still welcomed me no matter which one I was dated. They were all kind, to some degree (i.e. Jungkook), and almost accepted me as either another member or a sister. It was nice to spend time with the boys, a good bonding session. Myself, Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok were playing Smash Brothers in the games area while the others were doing various things.
Jin was supposedly in the kitchen doing something, Yoongi was writing lyrics and creating songs in his personal studio, Namjoon was having a nap and Jungkook was just 'around the place somewhere'. Tae seemed to be the master at this game, yet I clearly remember him going easy on me when we played 1 on 1 while we were dating. Hoseok, on the other hand, had only won a round 3 times. He even screamed excitedly when he won a round. Such a bundle of energy. Jimin had let me win a few rounds by going easy but I certainly wasn't doing to same. I kicked him completely off the screen at one point.
After multiple rounds, probably about 20, Tae paused the game. "You guys wanna have a break?" I nodded. My thumbs were beginning to ache. "Sure" I replied. "Babe I'll get you a drink, what would you like?" "A iced water would be fine thanks!" "Apple juice please" Tae interjected. "Cola here!" Hoseok yelled. "Are either of you two my girlfriend?" Jimin jokingly asked. Tae was the one to give the counter remark, "no but while you're up you can get your hyungs a drink too" "Yah! You are not my hyung Tae!" He shouted while heading towards the kitchen.
Tae and Hoseok made light conversation until some footsteps approached. "Come on babe we-" I started, expecting it was Jimin. Jeon fucking Jungkook. "Where's Jimin then?" He asked. "Gone to get us lovely ladies a drink" Hoseok joked. He was obviously trying to lighten up the mood. "Make mine a Sprite please Chim!" He called down the hall. Poor Jimin, how was he going to carry all these drinks back? I wanted to desperately help him but with Jungkook's presence I was glued to the spot. "Wanna join the game Kookie?" Tae asked. I was going to glare at him but the last thing I needed was for Jungkook to see how annoyed I was at him.
"Sure, what is it?" "Smash Bros!" I mono tonally replied. "I'm gonna be Donkey Kong!" "You can't!" "Why not?" "Jimin's Donkey Kong!" It was as if Tae and Hoseok weren't in the room, neither of us acknowledged them into our conversation. "But I'm usually DK at smash" "Well Jimin is." "Why?" "He likes to show off when he's DK" His tone changed to very sarcastic, "oh I'm sure he does" "What's that meant to mean?" "I bet he shows off in front of you"
"Jeon Jungkook, I swear-" "Got everything-" Jimin came back in at that point and could clearly sense that me and Jungkook were at each other's throats. "You playing Kookie?" Jungkook slowly nodded, "yeah." His voice turned bitter as he quickly glared at me, "I'm gonna be Link" After placing the drinks down, Jimin sat closely beside me as Jungkook sat a bit away from us on the arm chair. A few more rounds continued until I really had to get back to my dorm. "You could always stay here" Jimin suggested with the other 3 boys still in the room. I gladly accepted the offer and glared one last time at Kook before heading to Jimin's room.