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Hey guys and what's up today is the second day of our TOP communtiy event and today is ....


And my movie choice would definitely have to be a throwback ...back to when T.O.P was ..


Like seriously guys

you should watch this...

there will be

No regrets lol

So guys now it's your turn don't forget to tell me and the squad what your favorite T.O.P films/dramas are for our communtiy Movie night ❤❤

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Great Choice My Kwonnie BAE BAE!!! LOVE U!!!
a year ago·Reply
@KwonOfAKind...make sure to keep up with the good work...or else...there is more "Love is Pain" for you...My BAE BAE for now!!
a year ago·Reply
I love this movie!! It was the first one I watched of his!
a year ago·Reply
I also love this movie
a year ago·Reply
He looks so hot with long hair!
a year ago·Reply