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My life has been kind of a shit fest lately, but I wanted to drop by and say hi. Vingle always makes me feel better.
Other than the negative stuff in my life, I have been keeping myself quite entertained. I watched a few Kdramas. I strongly recommend Nail Shop Paris. I went through all of the fanfics I have ever written. None of them are finished actually. If I manage to finish one, I will surely post it.
So I was outside with my sister not too long ago and I was trying to catch a Mankey. He kept escaping, and I got frustrated. A: What's wrong? M: This Mankey is driving me insane... He's Mankeying my crazy... I kid you not I sat down on the ground and laughed harder than I should have.
I'm so stressed out that I want to crawl back into bed and cry while I blast my Kpop. But I can't. My father is taking me out shopping as a late birthday present. Normally I wouldn't be thrilled to hang out with him, but I really need this. I'm trying to build a relationship with him. It's also about damn time I leave my house.
That's all. I'm done venting now. Thank you for your time. Go catch Pokemon and hunt down oppas. Love you guys lots πŸ’›
Also, do yourself a favor and watch this. I'm quite obsessed with him. My obsession is quite unhealthy actually πŸ˜‚ Mmm he's just so perfect. After a few days, he is now 5th on my long ass bias list. I love him more than life.
@SassyMaknae Oh lol I thought you knew ... That's cool though 😁😁😁
What happened to the guy that used to be MC at ASC with Eric in the beginning? He was also a singer in LED Apple !
Hello!! It's nice to see you on here for a minute. Try not to stress too much friend^^
@milcalopez963 I'm not sure, just being cute af. I discovered them only a few days ago.