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•Updated: August 5, 2016•

Finally, the time has come to see the most popular ship with EXO's Kai!!!! Are you excited? Well if you are then continue reading!!

The votes came from here and the rules are here as well:

I will still accept votes and I will update this card as long as I keep getting votes.

The ranking is based on votes I got from people saying who they ship Kai with and these are the results.

Are you ready? Hold onto your steering wheel because the ship has sailed!!!!

1. KaiSoo

Kai x D.O

(5 votes)

2. JongTae

Kai x Taemin

(2 votes)

3. KaiHun

Kai x Sehun

(1 vote)

Was the result surprising or did you already see it coming? Either way, it doesn't matter.

You ship Kai with whoever you want, and you can write fanfiction about them.

Who's going to stop you?

Missed the voting? That's okay!!

If you didn't get the chance to vote then you can still vote on the voting card (link above).

Just make sure to read the rules or your vote won't count.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next rankings:

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-Monsta X -Beast/B2ST

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-EXO's Chanyeol -EXO's D.O

Different kinds of rankings will be added some time soon, so also look forward to those!!

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Please message me if you would like to be added or removed from my tag list.

Tagged everyone who commented on the voting card. If I didn't tag you then I am so sorry!! I didn't mean to leave anyone out!!

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