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Haha, okay, I'm pretty sure I've made this pretty clear. But if it still isn't, my favorite actor is...
Lee Jong Suk! He's such a brilliant actor! You don't understand how much I truly appreciate this guy's acting! It's so apparent in dramas like "Doctor Stranger" since his acting managed to push through even the bad script writing :) His acting has definitely improved over the past couple of years and it is showing so much in "W". I'm in love with his acting in this drama too. He manages to make me tear up at just the right times (/.\) The fact that he's so good looking is just a bonus...have I mentioned he's really good looking? (=3=) And that smile! He owns one of my favorite smiles in kdrama/kpop land...*swoon*
Dramas he's been in: "Prosecutor Princess" (2010) "Secret Garden" (2010) "I Hear Your Voice" (2013) "School 2013" (2013-2014) "Doctor Stranger" (2014) "Pinocchio" (2014-2015) "W" (2016) And so much more!!
He's so cute! I've only seen him in the movie "young hot bloods" and he was really good.
Lee Jong suk is mine ;)
We can share ;)
Lee Jong Suk, is my favorite actor!!