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As always, this was fun!
Yijeong is not only my lab partner but my weirdo creepy penpal, the guy hitting up for some nude pix, AND hot tutor?! The guy has multiple personalities here but somehow is hottie in those specs ;)
Dokyun's a bully taking my lunch money but I'm crushing on him? Maybe there's something wrong with me. But come on the guy's a cutie pie! Jaeho's the other meanie tossing stuff at me in class but flirts with me on the side. Maybe he's into me...?
Aww and lastly prom hits and I get asked by Sihyoung and Jaeho! (That's what Jaeho was up to) Decision, decisions!! I guess I didn't go to a school with Kyungil :( @MrsKyungil