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[STUCK Performance] Does Anyone Want To Fan Girl/Boy With Me??

Aaaaaaah I die!!!!


☆Is it me or does my bias keep looking handsome by the day!!! (Internally screams) ☆Oh man look at them dancing!! *heart beats fast*♡ ☆Those pants (♡.♡) ☆They are staring into my soul!! ☆Oh look at them BODY ROLLS!! ;D (SCREAMS!) ☆Bless Kihyun's forehead (so handsome). ☆That shirt lift teasing though :D ☆Aaaah Wonho's Solo!! ☆That foot work!! ☆I thought I was prepared, but I guess I wasn't!! ☆This song got me so hyped now!!

Guys, I thought I was ready but I guess not!! Now to watch this 30M more times Lol

Now to wait for the MV~ ^^

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is it weird that I think something was wrong with wonhoe. seems to have lack of energy or something.
a year ago·Reply
In this video? @KaiJae
a year ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX yeah this one. if you look at his facial expressions it's not like usual. first time I'd seen Wonho lift his shirt and thought he actually didn't want to do it. but since it's part of dance he has to.
a year ago·Reply
@KaiJae oh ok I kind of see what you mean. His performance is not fully there and he looks tired. I feel bad for them because they must be feeling drained right now. Before this they had a concert @ Japan and then went straight to KconLA, When they were in LA they filmed for STUCK. This last week they went back to Korea and went straight to practicing because they had 2 or 3 music showcases already for 'Stuck' (which this one was the first). 2 fan events and one fan engagement. Man I don't know how they do it 😫😔
a year ago·Reply
@KaiJae + jet lagged probably.
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