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Hi everybody! In Addition to my digital art I want to introduce you to my passion: ACEO or in German: Kakao Cards. ACEOs are miniature pieces of art that measure 2-1/2" x 3-1/2". I paint mine with Copics. Here are some of them, I really hope you like and enjoy them. If you are interested in any further information about ACEO or if you want me to paint an ACEO for you (prieces can be requested) feel free to contact me ♥ You can find my on Facebook as well: Kind regards Schattenranke ♥
@Schattenranke That is amazing >.< I definitely want to get back to drawing, but I thought I was really bad T.T What did you start drawing with? I'm sorry im asking so many questions >.< Im just really curious about drawing and things like that ~~
@alex9094 I am happy that my Images motivates you to Start drawing again :-)) I draw my hole Life, but had a Break for a Long Time. Now I am Painting for three - Four years. Trying to realise the Great pictures in my Head (its not working - I have to learn so much!)! First I started to paint more in Manga style, but that was not really what I was looking for so I try to improve my Way of Painting to go more into a Comic direction. I am still not happy with it, but I am working on improving my skills ;-)
@Schattenranke Noo!!! I think that your drawings are so amazing >.< You motivate me to get back to drawing so bad!! So I can share what I do too!!! How did you start drawing??
@schattenranke hahahah you are very welcome ;)
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