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Hello beans another new group is set to debut this month (because you know monstaX, b.a.p. , 24k and jun.k comebacks aren't enough and INX debut wasn't enough) Here is another dangerous group to kill us all

Member #1 aka probably gonna be my main bias because he's killing me soul 이λ₯™ 26

Member #2 Heejae 희재

closer look at 이λ₯™ aka 26 UB #1

definitely one of my main loves already he's perfect ...and seriously dudes name is κΉ€μ§€ν›ˆ.....why.....I already deal with enough from kimchi (aka κΉ€μ§€ν›ˆ from knk) so now another jihoon to murder my soul...yay

My UB#2 ACE look at this man too perfect for life

My Bean! Heejae so beautiful and so so adorable

woosoo 우수 literal bean! I have two bean in this group but this one is the cutest of all and the oldest

another group to slay us all
ohhhh lorddddd A.C.E 😍
fucking hell why
@kpopaddict16 he kinda resembles him now that I look at him closely 0.0
...doesn't 26 kind of look like jin?...kinda? maybe? Idk
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