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Yo! Hola! Hello!

How is everyone?? Hopefully good.

So last night after my busy day slowly came to an end, I decided to draw, yes draw instead of working on my fanfic stories…Sorry. I have monkey brain…
So anywho~
Here it the process of what i drew last night.
Yup thats how it started and slowly transformed… I draw just about anything and everything, and i know I'm not the best. I just wanted to show you.
What it looks like completed. It;s suppose to be BTS Suga - Min Yoongi.
Honestly what do you think??
Hehehe, but yeah I have more drawings of singers and some have already see them.
Big Bang T.O.P. I know its not the best but i drew this a while back and like I said I'm not the best artist.
EXO- Kai
I actually like how this one came out.
Another I like is…
Kang Gary. I sketched him then colored him digitally. I like the second one lol.
The other I am somewhat happy with is…
SuperJunior- uh…I forgot which 2 members I drew lol. They are more anime like drawing.
But yeah~
Some of you might be thinking…
Lol I sometimes think that too. It's cool.
I want to draw more and I am willing to take request. If you want me to draw a kpop singer or group, let me know, comment or message me. Though there is no guarantee that it will look exactly like the person(s). And it may take me a while to draw them.
Some must be thinking…
Lol yes.
Gosh I'm so hungry I just wanna
Do what V just did lol.
That's all for now.

Until Next Time~


P.S. If I have to draw BTS Jimin warning I will die. I will die and that drawing will probably never get done…
(IF You wish to be tag/untag please let me know, thank you! ^^)

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(IF You wish to be tag/untag please let me know, thank you! ^^)
@otakukpoper Thank you ^^ it takes lots of practices like anything else.
wow you're really talented I wish I had art skills
@MYAlpha 😂😂😂
@MYAlpha that's ok 😊 I can't draw at all so it will probably turn out 100x better then if I were to draw it 😂
can you draw eddy from jjcc
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