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Ugh! He's gorgeous! Ok... So this is my second card. I know, I know. It's Friday. But I promised I'd have this up after work and now here it is!! So.... My last card was my favorite ship with Xero. This one is my favorite ship with Hansol. As most of us Topp Klass know, Hansol and B-Joo have the best relationship despite B-Joo not always reciprocating Hansol's love. But they are still perfect together.


BAHAHAHA! B-joo's face after the kiss on the cheek!!
This particular interview is my favorite. Because not only does it show the adorable side of Hanjoo and the members confirmation, it also shows how Xenissi came to be. (Cause I believe this was the start. XD) I recommend watching the whole thing. It's only about 20 minutes and it is totally worth it. Plus it's OT13.


If you really don't want to.... Xenissi starts at about 5:40. And Hanjoo starts around 8:14. ENJOY!
I love this. I died that day. Not even kidding. XD I realize that it isn't technically Hanjoo because Kidoh and Hansol are paired up. B-Joo is the MC and Hansol CLEARY stated his desire to do it with him instead. XD But I promise it's worth it. I included the full video at the end. It's about 13 minutes long and once again.... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THE WHOLE THING!! I'm serious!


Also once again... If you really don't want to..... (I REALLY HOPE YOU DO BECAUSE IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER)..... Xenissi starts at 1:40. Hanjoo starts at 3:20.
So that's it for this week. I really hope you all enjoyed these cards cause I know I did. Comment and tell me what you guys think! Who's your favorite ship between Xenissi and Hanjoo? How about within ALL of Topp Dogg? Also let me know if you'd like to be tagged in future cards. XD *credit to original owners* Topp Klass Mod: @MrsJungHoseok Topp Klass Mod Support: @KaeliShearer @AimeeH @MelissaGarza @HeichousRegalia @twistedPuppy YAKPAK @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @ChelseaJay @Baileykayleen @jgallegos222 @tayunnie @VixenViVi @EwSeungkwan @SarahVonDorn @kmeier230 @sugajin94 @torchix @PrincessUnicorn Topp Dogg Taglist: @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @karinamiranda81 @EmilyGardner @kpopandkimchi @SimplyAwkward @YongRaviZiMon @QueenLee @KellyOConnor @EliseB @Viresse @VKookie47 @sarahdarwish @ZeidaAlvarez @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @sherrysahar @DominiqueWhitak @MonAnnahiX @ElenaP16 @megancurrent9 @AgentLeo @IsoldaPazo @sweetnothing34 @merryjayne13 @KatieShiminski
I totally agree with you about Hanjoo. They are my OTP from Topp Dogg 馃槏
Hanjoo!!!!! I was dying through the whole pepero game. It never gets old no matter how many times I see it.
@XergaB20 b joo is my bias and I ship these 2 lol its sooooo cuttte <3 <3 I guess hansol knows how adorable my b joo isss hahhahas just love these 2 awww <3 <3 thanks for sharing. :)
@AimeeH I swear I've watched the pepero video more times than I can even count and they get me EVERY SINGLE TIME! I REALLY wanted to be Yano in that moment and his look of pure astonishment was so perfect!
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