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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back) Jungkook Pt 1 Jungkook Pt 2 Jin Pt 1 Jin Pt 2 Jimin Pt 1 Suga Pt 1
(Y/n)'s POV: *Six months earlier* My daily work out and training had started to become harder as I pushed myself to get even better. If I do this they will have to make a new team, my team. "Here drink some water," Angel my manager/ best friend demanded as I stopped for about a five-minute break before I started back up again. I took the water and drank it slowly. "You need to slow down or you’re just going to hurt yourself." I have her a glare; she knew very well why I was doing this. I had to show them I was ready to be a group leader and practice, practice, practice. After practice was finished, I got called to the President of the company’s office for a meeting. Namjoon’s POV: The President of the company called me to his office. He was acting a bit serious compared to sometimes when we were on the phone with each other. I walked on to the elevator to go up to the 50th floor. As I stepped on I notice that there was a girl with workout clothes on. She had sweat on her temple and was staying to herself in the corner. I wanted to talk to her, but she seemed so quiet, I was a afraid to talk to her. She was very beautiful, even without makeup. Finally, I got the nerve to talk to her. "Hi, I'm Namjoon." Look friendly not creepy, I kept telling myself. "Hi, (Y/n)." She replied with a smile back. Then there was more silence. "So, do you work here?" I asked. "I'm a trainee here. You?" "I'm a trainee here, too." The elevator door bell rang before I could even continue the conversation. We both got out on the 50th floor and started walking in the same general direction. She turned to me with a confused face. We both came up to the receptionist as well. "The president will see both of you, together, shortly." Ten minutes go by and we are now in his office. The president greeted both of us with a smile. "I have great news for the both of you. We are forming two teams together. One is a female group and the other is a male group. You two will be the leaders." I could see her face light up in the corner of my eye. I couldn't help, but smirk at her cute reaction. "Auditions will be held for Namjoon's group next week and (Y/n)'s the following week. I will be one of the judges along with you two and our main producer," he paused. "I'm happy to see both of my favorite trainees finally getting what they deserve." He smiled and released us. (Y/n)'s POV: "I can't believe it!" I screamed with joy. "We're going to be idols!" I screamed as we got on to the elevator and grabbed his arm from excitement. "Oh, sorry." I quickly released him and shuffled to the back of the elevator while embarrassment turned my cheeks rosy red. He chuckled "That's alright," he paused and waited for a couple floors to pass. "So, I was wondering, if you and I should get together and maybe... learn about each other a little more... I mean we can get to know who we get along with and stuff like that so we can help each other with pick people for our groups..." he was starting to ramble a little. "Yeah, sure, sounds great," I replied trying to hide the enthusiasm in my voice. "Okay... that's great..." I could see his cheeks go turn a light pink. We exchanged phone numbers and that was a start of something beautiful. Namjoon's POV: *Four months later* I opened my eyes and see a bright light shine about me. I closed my eyes quickly and then opened them again to get them to adjust to the morning light. I had a pounding head ache. "Good morning," said a women's voice from across the room. Kat, what was she doing here? "Where am I?" "My place," she replies with a cup of coffee in her hand. I freaked, did I? Did we? I can't remember anything last night. I really can't believe I got so drunk. Well, (F/n) was accusing me of cheating on her with... I looked at her. "Kat, we didn't... did we?" She started to laugh. "Last night I had to haul you here because of there was a lot of crazy fans at the club, plus when I even made jokingly advances towards you..." she paused trying to catch her breathe. "You just said, 'I love (F/n) I can't and I won't.' It was cute and funny at the same time." "Thank, God," I wiped the sweat of my nervous brow. I would have never forgiven myself if I did and I know she would feel the same way. I quickly ran out her door and headed to the dorm. I tried to call the guys to cover me, but my phone was dead. I was screwed if she found out where I was. It wouldn't matter if we didn't do anything. I know she never liked Kat in the first place. I never knew why she didn’t like her, but I learned that I should stay away from her if I wanted to keep my relationship health. I finally get to the dorm and (Y/n) was there helping Jin with the breakfast. She seemed a little worried when I walked in after not coming home for the night. I walked up to her and she hugs me tight. (Y/n)’s POV: “Where were you last night?” I asked as I pull him close to me. “A couple of my old friends wanted to take me out for a few drinks to catch up. It got late so I crashed at one of their places,” he replied not looking me in the eye. I could tell he wasn’t telling the whole truth, but I didn’t want to push if he thinks he has to keep this secret from me…
(Is Namjoon going to tell the truth about what happened? Did Namjoon really not do anything with Kat? Find out in part 2) Thanks for reading, Luna Fergus P.s. don't forget to comment if you want to be tagged, untagged or not. I'm doing all of the BTS members separately and if you want to be just tagged for certain ones let me know. Tag List: @jeoneljay, @janellym123, @dchapple45, @SindyHernandez, @FalseLove, @Kpopfangirl15, @tiffany1922, @HeichousRegalia, @LizbethOrtega, @KatiePrihodiko, @Orihemay, @GreciaFlores, @Imoee, @Cassierchiqua, @NadineEsquivel, @Christinequach, @Michelle305, @Saeda1320, @Bikutoria13, @lopleaf19, @IsoldaPazo, @paligurl2846, @swarrier16, @MichelleRosa, @tinathellama, @MelissaGarza, @BTS34443, @tinahellama, @mrsjeon, @AbbyRamey, @ARMY98, @Mavis2478, @FromBlue2U, @twistedlove, @JaxonB, @BridgetJara, @SarahVanDorn, @IsisMayaVelasco, @RubyDusky, @AngelaDarkness, @JaeneashaJones , @kanatm, @sugakookies95