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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao What: Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU Chapter 12 Story: You were his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N's POV "Miso I'm going now!" you called back to your niece. She ran down the hallway and gave you a big hug making Kyungsoo and his wife laugh. You hugged her back, "Do you have to go?" she asked. "Yeah I think I've kind of over stayed my welcome kid." you answered. "You could've stayed longer if you liked." Kyungsoo said. "Thanks Soo but I'm a growing girl and I like not having to put a sock on my door as warning sign for you know what." you joked. "That's gross. I don't wanna know that about my sister." You laughed, "Why would you put a sock on your door?" Miso asked. Her mother laughed but closed her mouth and walked her away from the door. You made your way outside with your bags. It had been a year and a half since your break up, since your humiliation and since you were fired from Mr.Huang's company. You still worked on designs in your spare time but it wasn't really a lot. You went back to waitressing because it was a little more low-key than corporate fashion jobs. You worked two jobs and spent most of your days off catching up on sleep before you doodled. You still wanted to lay low after the whole picture scandal. You heard Chanyeol was bombarded by the press for a while, asking for his comments on it and he even walked out on an interview because the interviewer kept asking about you and him. Despite Ok announcing she faked the photos, or at least one of them anyway, things didn't die down for another month or two. When the press wasn't getting the answers they wanted the story was no longer worth covering. Sehun had shipped you the rest of your things from Chanyeol's place, everytime you talked to him you couldn't help but ask how he was doing. He had moments where he switched between binge drinking himself to death and staying up all night in the studio. His songs 'Hug me' and 'She stayed' where two songs that broke your heart. You watched him sometimes on TV when you missed him but Kyungsoo would turn it off right in the middle because you would start crying. You missed Chanyeol, it was hard to get rid of those feelings. You were happy though because you and Mr.Sandman had kept in touch. Tao didn't want you thinking for a second he had given up on being with you. His flirting came back and so did yours this time without the guilt. You were moving back into Seoul you figured you were ready. It was a big city you were less likely to run into Chanyeol especially if you knew the places he might go. Hanging out with the guys would be a little harder because they were still friends with him which was fine with you but you weren't entirely sure how you were supposed to act around the guy that broke your heart. You drove down early in the morning to the tiny apartment you had waiting for you. You liked it though no unnecessary space you felt needed to be filled up There was an extra room you were going to use as your work space.. You moved your stuff in and left before unpacking anything. After telling Sehun you were coming back, he asked you out to lunch so you two could catch up on things. Junmyeon and Yixing were supposed to be joining you. Minseok was recording so he didn't have time to stop by. You met them at Chou's of course, low key for them and great food for you. You guys sat around the table laughing, "I can believe Vivi did that to you Sehun." you said. "Vivi basically trained Sehun, he runs the house Sehun just obeys." Junmyeon said. You patted Sehun's head, "Good boy." you said praying him like we was the puppy. "Aish, stop it. Oh hey I have some news you might find entertaining." Sehun said. "What is it?" you asked. "So a few months after you left and everything kind of settled down Gi started an affair with one of our bosses at the company." Sehun said. "Oh man she wouldn't shut up about it, the details were too... detailed." Yixing cringed. You laughed at him but wondered where the story was going. "Anyway she had gotten so bold she posted a picture of them in bed together on her snap chat. But his wife found out about so she gave him an ultimatum." Sehun explained. "Either Gi is fired from the company or she leaves him." Junmyeon finished. "Wait so he fired her?" you said surprised but frankly amused. "Not only that but when boss' wife came to the company, her and Gi got into a screaming match." Sehun said laughing. "Then boss' wife threw the meanest right punch right into Gi's nose." Yixing said imitating the punch. "Oh my gosh." you said trying not to laugh but you couldn't help it. "Oh yeah, she broke her nose that's how bad it was. I've never wanted to see a girl cry but that was pretty satisfying to watch considering what she did to you." Sehun said. "Honestly she deserves worse." Junmyeon said. "They both do, OK and Gi that is." Yixing said. You nodded, "Yeah well I'm satisfied with what karma did to them. Girls like that don't embarrass so easily. They have their own levels of humiliation, nothing's more humiliating to Gi than getting her face ruined in front of her colleagues. From what Tao told me, Ok lost her allowance from her father because of the photo that was leaked of her the same day she sent out those pics. She has to work for her living now and that is the worst thing you could do to a spoiled Diva." you said raising a glass to them. "All is right with the world now. Y/N is back and karma has repaid it's debt." Sehun said raising his glass to you. They all clinked their glasses to yours before taking a sip. You all laughed, things were better now that your heart had settled. Every once in a while you'd just miss him, you'd kind of wish he were there to call you Sunshine but Tao was becoming more prominent in your heart. You liked him and he was eager to push Chanyeol out of your heart so he could get in. There was room for both though. You would love Chanyeol no matter what that was your promise to him and you did love him it just wasn't the same type of love it had been before. Tao had taken the attention of your heart while Chanyeol was placed in the same area as your friends. Glad to have known them and love them but you weren't about to kiss any of them anytime soon. You did however, cup Sehun's butt when he stood up making him jump a little. You did it just to mess with him and it made the guys laugh. You hung onto Junmyeon's arm not being able to do that for a while, it was nice to be linked to the guys again. You wished you could've seen Minseok. You stopped when your phone buzzed. Tao had texted you. Mr.Sandman: I need you to come meet me right away. Dreamgirl: Okay is everything alright? Mr.Sandman: Everything is fantastic! Dreamgirl: Wow, fantastic is a strong word. Where do I meet you? He sent you directions to a semi large building across town. You separated from the guys and drove over to the building. It was fairly new and there were men standing out front when you walked up. When they asked who you were and what your business was there you partly wondered if Tao gave you the wrong address but as soon as you said your name they apologized and let you in. Their reaction made you raise your eyebrows, you thanked them but they were acting like you were royalty and they were ashamed for not realizing it from the beginning. You walked in and the place looked extravagant much like Mr.Huang's company. There weren't many people in the building at the moment and things were still getting fixed up a bit. You walked up to the receptionist, "I'm sorry I'm looking for Huang Zita-" "Oh you're Ms.Y/N! You're much prettier than I imagined. Mr.Huang is on the top floor waiting for you." she said excited. You smiled at her compliment and thanked her. You headed to the elevator and pressed the button to the top floor. All the times you were in an elevator with him came back to you. When the power went out and he was close to yours lips. When he hugged you after you found out that Chanyeol cheated again. When you told him that you liked him but you couldn't see him in that way anymore to make things work with Chanyeol. When he first kissed you.... He understood everything and he was so patient with you. That must've been hard knowing someone felt soemthing for you but you still couldn't have them because they belonged to someone else. The door opened and you walked out of the elevator and looked down the hall. Tao had poked his head out of the door to see you and he smiled big. You smiled back walking up to him. He welcomed you into a hug, "I'm so glad you're back Y/N." he said into your hair. You hugged him tighter missing the familiar comfort of his hug. "Me too," you pulled away, "but Tao what is all this, where am I? And why is everyone downstairs acting like I'm Queen of Seoul?" you asked. He laughed, "I told them you were very important and very special. I think this is the first time I've seen you in jeans though." he said eyeing you. You looked down at yourself. He was right you had only been around him in your professional dress, Chanyeol saw you in your casual outfit most of the time. You laughed, "Yeah sorry I didn't go home to change, if I had known it was this fancy I would've dressed up." "No it's okay, I like the way they fit you. Besides you can dress however you want, it's your company." Tao said. He opened the door to show a large office, a beautiful black desk sat in the back with a large black chair behind it. There were black chairs sitting in front of the desk less comfortable than the one behind it but well placed. A white couch sat on the right side of the room with black pillows on it. There was a silver filing cabinet in the back right corner. A studio desk was in the left corner with a lamp sitting on top of it. It was all white with a white stool and there were pencils in the little slot that looked like a cup holder. Paper sat on the desk ready to be used. On top of the desk was a stuffed Panda bear. You walked in looking around at the black and white room amazed. "Wait what do you mean 'my company'?" you asked. "Well it's not all yours, you're part owner... with me." He answered. You laughed in shock, "What?" "After you left I worked something out with my father. We had actually been speaking about it for a while he just never got around to executing it because wasn't sure who he could trust." "Execute what?" you smiled confused. "This, it's a sub unit company so it's still apart of my father's company but it's not. We get to run this place. We hire and fire whoever we want, we design and take on any clientele we want. We market how we want, we get final say but dad gets a part of the profit. The contract is all typed up I've already signed. The deal was that I get to run the company with someone of my choosing and he didn't get a say in it at all. Who better to trust than the one who impressed both Monroe and my father? The one who made me fall in love with her without even trying." "Tao what did you do? You built this, all of it-" "For you." he finished. You smiled at him amazed, "B-but why I didn't ask you to do this these are things people have to earn not because you're in love with them. You can't just drop a company on someone as a gift." you said laughing. "But you have earned it. There was the option to by you jewelry but you're not OK. Besides I'd rather give you something you'll love. If I didn't think you couldn't handle it I wouldn't have done it. If I didn't think you had the talent to run this place I wouldn't have made the deal but I trust you, I worked beside you I know how amazing you are. Not just as a person but as designer that can take charge when she needs to." he said. He walked up to and squeezed your shoulders. You looked at him in amazement, this was all so much. He had made this deal with his father and had all of this planned out just months after you left, all those times you talked to each other on the chat room for the past year and a half, he never said he was working on a big project of his own. Even when you asked if he found a new job after handing in his resignation to his father. You were just shocked and amazed by everything he had done for you. Everything he didn't have to do but he did it because he loved you and thought you were good enough to do it. He had so much faith in you. You turned and picked up the panda hugging it close to you and just walked around the room. "All I have to do is sign the contract?" you asked. "Yup and this whole office is yours. Mine is literally straight across the hall." "And we'll be working together everyday?" you asked. He nodded with a smile. You took in a shaky breath all of this was so thrilling you never imagined being here. You looked at him, "What's the company called?" you asked. "Pandamonium." You looked at him with widened eyes and pointed at the panda, "Pa-Pandamonium as in the Pandamonium?" you asked shocked. He nodded again, "That was the name you came up with, remember?" "Do I remember? Tao I could kiss you!" you said smiling. "Please do." he laughed. You walked up to him pulling him close by his tie. He wrapped his arms around you and you bit your lip looking at his lips. Pandamonium was the name you came up a long time ago, when you two were talking over the chat you didn't even name it until the first night you two met, when you were talking at the little restaurant by the beach. You were surprised he remembered it. He was just amazing, he remembered all of this and he'd waited so long for you. You smiled and said, "Isn't it a bit taboo for in office relationships?" "True but on the flip side how bad have you wanted to have sex in an office just for the hell of it." You started laughing, "Tao you're a little freak." "I won't do anything to you, you don't want me to." he said repeating his promise from the first night. You smiled, "You can kiss me." "If I kiss you I'm going to want more Princess." he said lifting your chin. Your lips were almost touching and you both were staring into each others eyes. "Come and get all you want Mr.Sandman I'm all yours." "Whatever you say Dreamgirl." His lips pressed against yours not like your first kiss where they fought against each other with furious passion. He was slow and tender making you want him more. You weren't sure you could tell him you loved him yet; you liked him a lot and you had longed for this touch for so long. When it was wrong to want him and when it was right, for now you gave into his every touch. His hands gliding over your body coming down to cup your butt. He gave it a little squeeze before he backed you into a wall. That's when things sped up, you both fell into deep passions and you couldn't get enough of him. The top floor only existed of your two bodies so he made you scream his name as loud as you could. He moved fast as if his body couldn't help but want the sweet release that you could bring him. The feel of his touch and the taste of his tongue had driven you crazy. Round after round you two did it in different positions at different speeds until you made up for a year and half worth of time you two could've been together and still you two weren't done. You weren't ready to part. Any pain that Chanyeol had caused you, every scar he left behind and the broken pieces of your heart Tao knew how to put it back together like it was brand new. "I love you Y/N." he whispered. Epilogue "Kintsukuroi." "What?" You asked "Kintsukuroi, it's a Japanese art fixing things like pottery with gold. It's the idea that something is more beautiful having been broken." Tao explained. "How is that even possible? I mean I like the idea but how is that even possible? Something being more beautiful having been broken." You said. You two had started dating after that day and within six months you had moved in with each other. An entire year had gone by and your sub unit company was doing so well, yours and Tao's designs were getting a lot of attention. You two were even on the cover of Vouge. "I can believe it you're more beautiful even after everything he did to you." Tao said. You laughed, "You're so cheesy." You were standing on a chair fixing the curtains you had just bought. The press had been hot all over you two and they had taken some pictures of you two through your window. That was too much of an invasion of privacy and you were not about to go through the same thing you did with Ok's little scheme. She had found a little loop hole and married herself a rich guy so no more working for her. You saw it all over the news. You didn't like her but you were happy she was happy at least it meant she wasn't screwing with you any more. "Come down here and look." he said. "I'm trying to safe guard the house you could at least help." you said laughing. "I'm thinking of ideas for the new line's design and you're busy hanging curtains I think you can take a second to look at pretty pictures." he said. "Huang Zitao, reporters took photos of us making out and while you were shirtless, do you want that to happen again?" you scolded. "As long as they don't take pictures of that beautiful face you make when you cum I don't care what they do." "Tao!" you shrieked almost falling. You caught yourself on the chair now laughing. He looked up from his tablet. He was wearing a white wife beater and sweatpants and you were in a skin tight dress that you swore you almost ripped when you almost fell. He told you a million times he'd hang up the curtains; you even got him to agree with you on what curtains you could get. Once you got them he never put them up and you were tired of waiting. You were also kind of bored, you and the company had the day off for the holidays but neither one of you were doing anything special. You were okay with that but Tao had been working all day and you kind of wanted him to entertain you. He was focused though so you didn't bother him, thus the reason why you started putting up curtains. You were standing on the chair now catching your breath, half embarrassed and the other half laughing at yourself for your clumsiness. "See I told you to come down from there." He said. You sucked your teeth annoyed by him but smiled, "I'm almost done." you said. You turned back to the curtains to work on them. "Y/N come down here now." he said sternly. "Just let me finish I'm almost there." you said stretching to fix the last part of the curtain. Suddenly he was behind you and he kicked the chair to throw you off balance. He caught you quickly anticipating the fall. You wrapped your arms around him. "What the hell is wrong with you that's dangerous!" you squealed. He kissed you then pulled away and said, "You're dangerous. Who told you to wear such a sexy dress like that? I've been sitting there for twenty minutes trying not to stare at your ass." You laughed, "You wanted me to come down because I was turning you on." "It's a really sexy dress." he pouted. "You bought it for me if you didn't want me wearing it you shouldn't have bought it." "I just wanted to show you off a little. Where were you going to go with a dress like that on?" He asked. You smiled a bit and thought of how fun it would be to tease him. You bit your lip leaning in close to him. "Well I thought about hitting the club." "Not dressed like that." "Then I was going to head to the cafe." "So the waiters could stare? Not going to happen." You smiled, "There's this really nice strip club like half a block down the street." "Absolutely not! You're not going anywhere dressed like that you're staying here with me." he said before he pressed his lips to yours. "I can do that too." you smiled. He set you down and pulled you to the couch, you straddled him hiking up the dress just slightly. You started to roll your hips against him feeling him rise little by little in his sweatpants. "Oh yeah, I ran into Chanyeol yesterday." you said. His eyes had gone dark with lost, "Does he still miss you?" he said.. "He says he does but I think he's doing better. I gave him the ring back." You said. Your breathing was now uneven as well as his, he was trying hard to endure the feeling of you grinding your hips against him. He was already turned on from staring at your butt though. Men. You chuckled to yourself. His head was leaned back in pleasure. "Does that mean you're all mine now?" he asked. You stopped moving and his head came up, his eyes opened. His chest moving up and down from breathing heavily. Your hands trailed up his tank top and gripped it. A serious look in your eyes. He was breathing heavily, his voice audible. "It's okay if you're not." he said slightly disheartened. "I love you." You said. "What?" he said shocked. You hadn't really said it to him. You told him you liked him a lot, you cared about him. He made you happy but as long as you held onto that promise ring he never felt like you were truly his. You gave it back to Chanyeol without any regrets though. Anytime someone mentioned him or you saw him your heart didn't twist in pain. You loved him but you weren't his any more. Chanyeol was the one your heart cries out for. He was a friend but Tao was so much more. He was your friend, your business partner, your shoulder to cry on, your savior and protector. Your lover and your boyfriend. Your life. "I love you." you kissed him. "I love you Zitao. I'm all yours, only yours. I love you." He flipped you over onto the couch quickly, "You finally said it." he smiled. "I love you." You said again. He smiled and kissed you, no longer wasting time. He practically ripped off your dress and he removed his sweatpants. He kissed you again pushing your underwear to the side. "I love you too Princess. You're really my Dreamgirl." "Bring me a dream Mr.Sandman." "If you think for a second I'm gonna let you sleep you're crazy." he laughed into your neck. He slammed inside you making you moan his name loudly and wrap your arms around his neck. He kept moving roughly, kissing your neck hard leaving love bites everywhere. He was happy you were finally all his. Kintsukuroi the art of repairing something that's broken with gold. The idea that something is more beautiful having been broken. You were broken by someone you loved for so long and slowly but surely the man you called Sandman restored your heart. His love was pure, it was golden. You two were more beautiful together, you both were hurt but molded together. So it made sense, your relationship was more beautiful and you two were stronger because of it. Mr.Sandman had brought you your dream.
@EmilyCayetano @dchapple45 @yaya12 I'm glad you all liked it I was a little worried
I am highly satisfied... the redemption the karma, the love the restart... the pieces fit.. I too feel something was missing can't put my name on it but like I said, highly satisfied. thank you for this read.. take your break I know amazing things will come of it. ^.^
I LOVED IT!!!! THAT WAS SO GOOD!!! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read your story! Thank you for providing such a great work of art!
I loved it!!!!!!β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ™ŒπŸ»βœ¨
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