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So I watched episode 15 today and I don't know what do. I feel like my head, heart, and every other organ in my body exploded. Like this episode is just insane but superbly amazing. My heart is beating at a rate where u feel like I sprinted for like 5 hours. I haven't been so immersed in an anime for a while but sweet cheese-its this anime drew me in like an angler fish catching its prey. I am lost for words and I don't even know how to describe this episode. When the credits started rolling I shook my desk making everything around me collapse. How does one describe fantastic and chaotic art. I don't know what to say. Can someone help me talk about this episode cause the only person I can talk to right now is my dog but I don't think she'd put up a good conversation.
Also, I mean she already won my heart, but Rem is now my official best girl. I vote Rem 2016. Oh my heart cries every time she dies.
omg this episode made me tear up! Rem is such a great character, and I like her a heck of alot better than Emilia (no hate aganist her, but shes always imbarressed of Subaru, while Rem has almost always been by his side to help him)
@CrystalNnadi I know right. I mean like Emilia is a stunning character but she doesn't show devotion and love like Rem does. I like Rem so much.
#TeamRem #Rem2016