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Yesterday, ELFs worldwide have been given a shock of a lifetime as one of Super Junior-M's members, Henry Lau, updated his Weibo profile description which caused fans to speculate that the idol will be leaving the group. However, the idol himself has posted on his Twitter account that it is just a simple misurderstanding as he said he just pressed the wrong button when updating his account and he said that he is still with Super Junior-M. The Twitter update has long been deleted and his Weibo profile remains unchanged. Regardless, many ELFs are currently hopeful that the idol will update his account very soon.
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It is so nice to hear so many ELF were sad when they thought he was leaving Super Junior M. That’s a big change from the hurtful years when many turned off their light sticks when he went on stage. Henry has won hearts with his quality work and caring persona. Fighting!