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1.) When he knows what he wants, he doesn't hesitate. (Personal Taste - Game Over) 2.) He waits no matter how you are late. (Boys Over Flower) 3.) A man knows how to give directions. (Cantata Coffee CF) 4.) He dances for his food. (Binggrae Banana Milk CF) 5.) Last but not the least...His fans are always on his mind...having more than 10 Million followers worldwide. cr: to the owner
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he's sooooooooooo hot
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Where Minho around, there is absolutely no need to reason...he leaves us speechless, drives us heavenly, entices us with his one-in-a-million day has never been so gooood
4 years ago·Reply
Definitely.. ;0
4 years ago·Reply
- :v
4 years ago·Reply
LOve you Oppa
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