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Okay so I don’t know about you but I love Heenim, and I want to give him a warm welcome back ^^ Just saying, the idea came from a project I once participated in at so if this is a success, thank you to sup3rjunior ^^ Anyways, we could start out by having fans from different states writing stuff like “Welcome back Heenim” and what not and if you have posters of Heechul you can take a picture of it with your face (or make a poster for him) your face doesn’t necessarily have to show. Because of how few people actually are following us on twitter, it won’t be as grand and it may not even get to him, but maybe one day he’ll stumble upon the YouTube video and what not ^^ Aish I really suck at this kind of stuff, I just want Heechul to know that we’re happy to have him back ^^ 1) Take a picture of a poster with Heechul on it 2) Send it to The rest of the work is for us ^^ I’d like to know one thing, I need someone who can actually put together video’s on youtube because the ones I make are horrible, please email me at if you want to help out. Please email me with the subject as: Welcome Back Heechul Please include your 1) Username (something we can identify you as, or else in the credits ill just use your email, it doesn’t have to be your real name, it could be a fake name like sujuheaven05) (I will inform you if the name is already taken) 2) A picture of you and a poster with Heechul in it (Handmade or a legit poster) 3) Message to Heechul (you can just type it, ill correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes, yes you can use Saranghae or other words transliterated words in Korean) For example “Welcome back Heenim” If you’re wondering where this will be posted, it’ll be posted on NorthAmerican ELF’s channel. Yea, I just made it right now, please subscribe, if you want to participate in the project. If you don’t have a YouTube account, don’t worry, you can still participate ^^ (