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My Top 5 Favourite Yaoi Manga's

I personally am a gigantic yaoi fanatic, especially for yaoi manga's, so I thought I would share my top 5 favourite yaoi manga's. I also wrote if they're licensed in english or not!

Totally Captivated (Licensed)

Totally captivated is seriously the best yaoi series I've ever read. It isn't a japanese manga do, but a manwha (korean manga). The story is quite unique, since it evolves around Ewon, a university student who's forced to work for a loan shark called Mookyul. All of that happend because of Ewon's ex-boyfriend :Jiho. The story is hilarious but also has some deep moments in it that make you wanna cry. It's written really well, the art is great and the story is extremely unique. I would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to read a unique series!

Bukiyou na Silent (Licensed)

Bukiyou na Silent (Awkward silence) evolves around 2 couples. The main couple's story revolves around Keigo and Satoru. Keigo confesses to Satoru one day, which makes Satoru extremely happy since he's had a crush on him for the longest time, but unfortunately for Satoru, his emotions never show on his face and he almost never talks. Which naturally causes misunderstandings. The story is a big fluff-fest! The second couple's story revolves around Yuuji and Kagami. Kagami who's the student council president tells Yuuji he likes him and that he was jealous of him and Satoru, since he thought Yuuji liked Satoru,since they're friends. Yuuji doesn't trust Kagami and thinks he's just joking around. So later on Keigo and Satoru want them to get together and start making plans to make them get together. It's really fun to read and seeing the different personalities makes it even better!

Hidoku Shinaide (Licensed)

Hidoku Shinaide (Don't be cruel) revolves around Nemugasa and Maya. ''In exchange for me keeping your secret, take off your pants.'' The story starts with Nemugasa getting blackmailed by Maya. Maya tells Nemugasa that he knows he cheated, and that he has to listen to him if Nemugasa wants him to stay silent. At the beginning it isn't as deep yet, since it mostly blackmail and heartbreaking moments, but if you keep on reading it keep getting better and better by every chapter! It's an extremely cute school life yaoi series and is totally recommended to every yaoi fan!

Warui koto Shitai (Licensed)

Warui koto shitai (I want to be naughty) revolves around Towa and Mikado. Towa is a delinquent at his school, and the student council has an eye on him. He mostly goes to the rooftop, which is his special place. One day he finds Mikado sitting there and they become friends. Later on Towa finds out that Mikado was actually the student council president and he feels betrayed. It's a cute series with GREAT art, which has some unique personalities in it as well. It also has multiple sequels, the right order of all the titles are: Warui koto shitai -> Warui ko demo Ii -> Warui yatsu demo Ii -> Warui koibito ja dame -> Warui ouji Demo Suki. Well those are the sequels revolving this couple.

Recipe no Oujisama (Not Licensed)

Recipe no Oujisama revolves around Shouhei and Kei. Kei is a culinaru school student, wanting to become a great cook like his grandfather. He starts living in a shared house with 3 other guys, Honda, Tsubasa and Shouhei. Shouhei wants to become an actor. At first Shouhei and Kei don't get along that well, but while they get to know eachother their relationship gets better. It's another cute series to read and ofcourse I LOVE the art and comedy in it, since it's by the mangaka Junko~ I would totally recommend this series to any yaoi lover wanting a cute comedy series, the only sad part is that it isn't that long of a series with only 8 chapters in total, but it's totally worth the read!
A few other manga series worth mentioning are: Katekyo! (Private teacher, licensed) , Dramatic Maestro, Mad cinderella, Gentei Kareshi,Konya mo nemurenai, Hanakoi Tsurane,Hitorijime Boyfriend, Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku, and 2 new series that just started called Hatsukoi by Kazuki Rai and Motto Hanashi o Shitai no Dakedo!