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I got picked to be on Show Me The Money this season. Finally someone has noticed my talent as a producer and song writer. Now to make sure I win this and have no distractions what so ever. I wonder who the other contestants are ? Oh well, only time will tell. "Nani ? ". Someone shouts , I guess it was one of the assistant people calling for me . " Yes ?" "You're needed backstage in your dressing room." As we reach in front of my dressing room someone bumps into me causing me to fall. "Hey, watch where you're going." I say irritatedly. " Nani ?' The voice says as i looked up ' what are you doing here?" Shit it's my first love Kevin Hwang. Out of all places I could have possibly run into him, here ? This is the biggest distraction of my life. I mean yeah we're not together anymore, but I still love him. I only let him break up with me to Persue our dreams. Maybe that's why he's here. He's probably an upcoming rapper. "Nani ? Can you hear me ?" He repeats a second time . "Huh, oh sorry I have to go ?" I say unsurely running to my dressing room that the lady was now waiting at. As I got inside my dressing room I thought to myself. How the fuck am I gonna do this now. My first love is here. What happens if I end up on a different team - that's means I would have to act like I hate him. I don't want to do that... Shit Nani you better start coming up with some solutions now before you cause yourself to lose this competition before it even starts. As I get lost in my thoughts , Zion , one of my dear friends from our record label comes walking in. "Nani you okay ? You look like you had saw a ghost earlier when you saw G2." "Who?" Who the fuck was G2 and why was Zion speaking to me about him. " I don't know who that is , all I know is that I saw my first love Kevin Hwang." "So that's his real name?" Zion mumbles under his breath. "What do you mean ? Is G2 his stage name? " "Wait you heard me ?" Zion says surprised. "Zion why did you come here anyways?" "Well I came to tell you that kush invited G2 and reddy to our celebratory dinner later tonight." " HE DID WHAT ?!?" " Okay, Zion is going to leave now because he fears for his well being seeing Nani so upset ." "Zion why are you speaking in third person ? " "No reason.." He's says calmly as he opens the door and runs. " Zion get back here this isn't over !"