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It is common wisdom that 'your happiness comes from within you'.
What then happens when two become one . . . where should the happiness come from?
. . . and No, this is not a trick question, it's something I would like to know.
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if by two becomes one u mean ur life partner then his or her hapiness becomes yours.
". . . his or her happiness becomes yours". Yes! I like this.
Glad u like.
everyone says that happiness comes from within but when someone is part of you, then you are incomplete without them and you cant be happy. i was happy within myself until i found someone who will forever be a part of me and then he tore away from me violently and when he did that, he tore away a part of me that i cant get back. he became my happiness. he truly made me happy just by being here and letting me love him. many people can say that they feel happy when someone special loves them, but how many can say that they are happy just to have that special one to be there to let you love them? that is real love and the loss cant be replaced.