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Hello everyone! Chapter 10 is here. Thank you to everyone who has been reading my story, I will continue to try to not disappoint. Also, I just realized that it is summer break and that said break will be ending soon. With that in mind, I will try to release a chapter a day before people, myself included, start getting busy again.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional. Also, for this chapter, I don't know much about the process of translating lyrics, etc. so please bear with me. I just made it fit with the story line.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 9
Word Count: 2503
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
Rose recovered quickly and pulled back, taking the napkin with her. Her face was bright red. “U-uh. Th-thanks Yoongi-ah. But-uh- you didn’t need to—I can do it m-myself.” She kept her face pointed at the floor as she wiped the chocolate off. The boys started “OoOoo”ing.
“Knock it off,” Yoongi covered for himself. “I just didn’t want any of you guys to get any weird ideas. You all like to act like you’re characters in a romance drama.”
“So instead, you decided to get weird ideas and act like a romance drama character?” Jin teased. Yoongi coughed and went back to eating the fruit. Jimin was now feeding himself as the other boys tried to have a turn at feeding Rose. Yoongi felt like someone was watching him. He turned to find Namjoon staring intently at him. He had been staring since Yoongi had cleaned Rose’s face. Yoongi mouthed “What”. Namjoon just snorted and turned his head back in Rose’s direction.
“Alright, guys. I’ve think you’ve harassed the poor girl enough. Go back to the room..." Namjoon raised his voice to be heard over the yelling.
“Awww,” the boys pouted as they started to walk away. Suddenly, Hoseok turned back with a piece of fruit still in his hand and quickly fed it to Rose. The other boys started protesting but Hoseok just beamed his sweet smile and Jin herded the boys back to the room. Rose started to clean up the food.
Namjoon joined her. “You’re a guest, you shouldn’t clean up. I’ll—“
“I’ll help her.” Yoongi snatched what Namjoon had started to pick up and quickly took it to the kitchen. Rose and Namjoon looked at each other. Rose gave a questioning look while Namjoon laughed knowingly.
“Don’t worry about it. He’s just weird,” he assured her. Rose shrugged and carried the remaining items to the kitchen. She put the dishes in the sink and turned around to ask where she should put the leftover fruit, but he wasn’t there. She started craning her neck to find him.
“What’re you doing?” Yoongi asked her, annoyed. He knew what she was doing, but, for a reason he didn’t understand, it pissed him off that she was only looking for Namjoon to help her. {I’m more than capable of helping. Either she doesn’t want me to help or she just specifically wants Namjoon to. Either way, she doesn’t have to rub it in my face}.
Rose jumped when Yoongi spoke to her. “Sorry, I just thought Namjoon had come in too.” {I can’t believe he left me alone with Yoongi}. “I was looking for something to put the fruit in. I-I guess I can just leave them in the container I brought and I’ll just get it back next time.” She spoke hurriedly so she could get out of the kitchen. She was nervous about being with him for even a short period. He turned and took a step towards her. She was caught off-guard and stepped back by reflex. Yoongi frowned, disappointed, turned towards the counter, crouched down, and pulled out a plastic container from the shelves. He straightened himself and slowly held the container out to her.
“Thank you,” Rose spoke quietly, embarrassed at her actions. She quickly went back and transferred the food. She tensed when she heard Yoongi walk over covering the small distance between them. Her breath caught in her throat when he gripped her shoulder. He turned her around and her gaze settled just below his eyes. Her eyes darted to meet his gaze and quickly went back to his cheeks.
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi said sounding dejected. Rose met his gaze again and this time she held it.
“For what?” she asked in a small voice.
He sighed. “For earlier. I made you uncomfortable. I’m sorry.” He stopped for a moment. “I didn’t mean to—I don’t know why—I mean, I didn’t mean it in the way the other guys made it sound like. I thought one of them might—I just...” he trailed off. He regained his composure as he continued. “Just don’t take it like that. I didn’t mean it like that. So, please don’t be uncomfortable and awkward with me. We agreed to be friends, right? Friends do stuff like that for each other. Without awkward feelings behind it, right?” {She looks...hurt?}
Rose quickly recovered and plastered a smile on. {He has no idea how much it hurts to hear him say that. I mean, that’s how it should be. How it could only be. But it still hurts...} “Thank you, Yoongi-ah, for clearing it up. I will admit I was flustered. But you’re right, we’re friends. Friends do stuff like that.”
“You guys gonna come back and work anytime soon? You were so reluctant to leave, but now you’re taking forever and a day to come back,” Namjoon yelled from the living room. They both laughed awkwardly and hurriedly finished cleaning up. They sat back down at the couch and continued working on the songs.
After a few hours, Jin and Hoseok started getting ready for bed and going back to their own rooms. They looked at the three working in the living room and looked back at each other laughing quietly. Hoseok followed Jin back to Hoseok and Yoongi’s room. They waited until they closed the door before they started talking.
Jin- “At least they’re working well together.”
Hoseok- “Yeah. At least there’s that. I’m still worried though...” he trailed off. They each sat on a bed.
J- “About what?”
H- “What do you mean? I think Yoongi-hyung and Namjoon-ah both like her.”
J- “Mmm.”
H- “You don’t think they would fight, do you?”
J- “As a general rule, I don’t think so. Remember last time? They both started to have a crush on that girl from the music video?”
H- “Oh yeah. I’d forgotten about that.”
J- “Remember what happened?”
H- “They figured out that they both liked her and backed off for the other. That was a bit awkward.”
J- “Yeah...A bit.” He laughed remembering the absurdity of it.
H- “But I don’t think this is the same. I don’t think it’s just a crush. I think they like like her.”
Jin paused, mulling it over. “I think Yoongi-ah likes her, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. But Namjoon-ah...” he cocked his head trying to think of the words he wanted. Hoseok leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. “I...I think Namjoon-ah likes her... but not like that. I don’t really know how he likes her...I don’t think he does either. Hmmm, how do I say it...When we were eating desert earlier, remember how Yoongi-ah wiped her mouth?”
Hoseok shifted in his seat. “That was...weird. I don’t think he’s ever done that before. Ever. And that recovery...was pretty pathetic.”
“Yeah. I think he even surprised himself. But, Namjoon...he didn’t really look jealous. He looked...annoyed? I know it’s almost the same, but there was something just a bit different. I mean, even you looked more jealous than him and you don’t even like her.”
“Oh.” Hoseok flinched. He pretended to mulled over it. “I think you’re right. It was a little off... Huh. That’s...huh.”
In the living room
Namjoon, Yoongi, and Rose were still wrapped up in the songs. They would discuss the verses, listen to the preliminary music, and work on each verse separately, then as a whole. By the time they decided to take a break they realized it was already three in the morning.
Namjoon groaned. “We should get some sleep. We have practice in the afternoon and you two don’t get enough sleep anyway.”
“I can keep going,” Rose replied. Yoongi agreed.
“Well, all three of us need to work on these together and I need to go to bed. Unlike you vampires, I need sleep.” Yoongi and Rose sighed, annoyed. “So, by default, that means you guys need to go to bed, ok? And, just so you don’t get any ideas, I’m gonna take everything with me.” The two vampires groaned.
“You don’t need to treat us like kids,” Rose said, her voice laced with fatigue. {She’s obviously tired, why doesn’t she want to sleep?}
“I already set my bed up so you can sleep on it,” Namjoon offered. “Jin-hyung’s sleeping on Yoongi-hyung’s bed so you have the room to yourself.”
Rose started waving her hands at them. “What? No, I’m not going to stay. I’ll just go home.” Both of the boys protested.
“You’re too tired to drive like that,” Yoongi argued.
“Then I’ll call a cab.”
“That’s too expensive,” Namjoon chimed in.
“Then I’ll walk. I’m not too far from here.”
“First of all, it’s at least 45 minutes, probably an hour, from here. And second of all, there’s no way you’re walking at this time of night.”
Rose huffed and crossed her arms.
“Don’t bother arguing, we already have everything set up. We have bedding for the couches.” Yoongi indicated to the pile of sheets in the corner of the room.
Rose immediately started waving her arms in protest. “No way. If I stay here, which I’m not keen on anyway, I’m not kicking both of you guys out for just me. Besides, I probably won’t be sleeping much anyway.” She indicated towards her laptop. Namjoon grabbed it and added it to the pile he was taking with him.
“Nope, you need to get some sleep. No more working.”
“Oh, c’mon.” She grabbed at the laptop as Namjoon picked everything up. “You can’t do that to your noona.”
Namjoon looked at her and smirked. “Right now, you’re not my noona, I’m your oppa. Someone has to take care of you since you won’t.” She looked at him in shock.
“Don’t make me kick your butt,” she laughed, jokingly kicking at him.
Yoongi lightly grabbed her arm. “Namjoon-ah’s right. We should both get rest and you should stay here tonight.” Yoongi wanted to continue working, but he was concerned for Rose. Namjoon nodded in agreement. “But Namjoon-ah. Don’t say you’re her oppa again.” Yoongi glared at Namjoon who laughed and went into the bedroom. Yoongi moved to a pile of bedding and started setting it up on one of the couches. Rose walked to him and took it from his arms.
“Because you’re both so insistent, I’ll at least rest here. But I mean it when I say you guys aren’t sleeping on the couch.” Yoongi opened his mouth to protest but Rose cut him off. “There’s nothing else to say. You sleep in the room. I have the couch.” She stared him down daring him to argue. {She’s can be scary when she wants to be}, Yoongi thought.
“Fine,” Yoongi laughed. “I can see you’re actually more stubborn than me. I’ll consider it a tie since we’re getting you to not work. You look tired, though. I bet you could use some sleep.”
“Yeah, well, needing it and wanting it are two different things,” she mumbled.
“Hyung, did you finish setting up the beds?” Namjoon asked returning to the living room. He saw the couch still mostly bare and got annoyed. “Hyung, did you start yet?”
“I told him it’s a compromise. You guys got me to stop working, but I’m taking the couch,” Rose replied for Yoongi. She figured that if he said it, it would just sound like his decision.
Namjoon was about to protest when Yoongi cut him off, “I would suggest not arguing. She gave me the dirtiest look when I did.” Namjoon closed his mouth and sighed.
“Fine. I don’t like it, but—“
“You don’t really have a choice,” she smiled triumphantly.
Namjoon laughed. “You can get ready in the bathroom first. We’ll set up the blankets. Oh, and there should be a couple of new toothbrushes under the sink. You can use anything in the bathroom since you didn’t bring anything with you. And I left some clothes on the bed. They’ll be a little big, but they should fit alright.”
“Thanks,” she laughed and made her way to the bathroom in the boys’ bedroom. When she left, Yoongi and Namjoon silently started setting up the couch as comfortably as they could make it.
After a few minutes, Yoongi finally broke the silence. “Thanks for making us stop. I hadn’t realized how tired she looked and would have kept going.” He was disappointed in himself for not noticing. Namjoon looked over and smiled.
He patted his shoulder and said, “That’s because you two are too much alike.”
“Yeah, that’s probably not very promising...” he trailed off. Namjoon was about to ask what he meant by that but Yoongi continued. “But don’t say you’re her oppa again.” He shot daggers at the younger boy. Namjoon threw his hands up in surrender and laughed.
“Yes, hyung,” he replied sarcastically. They were quiet for a couple minutes before Namjoon spoke up again. “About do you like—“ he quickly cut himself off as Rose opened the bedroom door. {Thank God}, Yoongi sighed in relief.
“That was fast,” Namjoon said quickly trying to cover the fact that they had been talking about her.
“Well, for me, there’s not a lot to it. Brush my teeth, take off my makeup which is just some eye stuff, wash my face, and put a little lotion on.”
“Wow, I think that’s less than any of us do,” Yoongi laughed.
“Yeah, well, simple routine for a simple girl.”
“Not such a simple girl...” Yoongi said under his breath.
“I said it’s a bit embarrassing, being guys and all,” he recovered. She laughed in agreement.
“Well, I guess we’ll get ready and go to bed. Do you need anything else noona?” Namjoon asked.
“Nope, I’m good. I’m just gonna grab a glass of water.”
“Okay. Then, sleep well.”
”Goodnight,” Yoongi added. “Don’t forget, we’re right here if you need anything.”
Rose nodded in understanding. “Goodnight guys. And even though it’s against my will, thanks for letting me crash here,” she laughed, teasing them. They said goodnight again and went to the bedroom. Rose breathed a sigh of relief. {I had to calm my nerves while I was getting ready in the bathroom, but I’m still so freaked. I was alone with Yoongi in the living room and now I’m going to be laying a few feet away}. She ran her fingers through her long hair and sighed again.
{It’s gonna be another long night, even if it’s just for a few hours. I would hope that being this nervous would help me to stay awake, but that never works, so why even bother. Please, please, please don’t let it be as bad as last time. At least let me be quiet. I don’t want them to see it...} Rose laid down on the couch and prayed that tonight would be a night of dreamless sleep. Or that if it were not, that at least she would be still, be quiet.
Ok, so there's Chapter 10. I hope you enjoyed it. I wonder what she is so afraid of...
Next chapter is going to have one of the trigger warnings I mentioned. So I'm gonna try to figure out how to make it bypassable (yay for making up words).
Aside from that, thank you to everyone who's reading, liking, following, or asking me to tag, it's very encouraging. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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@Mavis2478 wouldn't that be hilarious, lol. My sister's done that a few times.
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