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I was honestly waiting for a lot of kaisoo interactions at EXO'rDIUM...however other than a few moments there weren't really a lot...on the other hand there were plenty of Chansoo (don't get me wrong I love Chanyeol and Kyungsoo but Kaisoo is my ULTIMATE!!!) Anywayyyy...I was kinda losing hope on any Kaisoo until this happened...
I honestly can't get enough of caring Kyungsoo (like seriously all the members could be dying and he wouldn't bat an eye but Jongin only has to have his mic wrong and he'd be there within a heartbeat) this really sums up Kaisoo...how much they understand each other...while there are many projecting Jongin to be someone with a devil may care attitude Kyungsoo is there telling everyone how much of a cinnamon roll he really is... Credits!
I seriously wasn't joking about the mic thing...although Kyungsoo had injured his leg he waked all the way to Jongin to fix the mic himself...
this brakes my heart and it makes me so sad but I am happy that d.o. is there for kai
My goodness Kai you poor thing :O But it is sweet that Kyungsoo gave an update (?) on Kai and how he felt about missing out on the concert. I mean, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to tell us he cares to know that he does, its obvious this is like a passion of his. #getwellsoonJongin
@clandrea170 thank you for catching the fact that I left that part out.
@sydthesloth Jongin WAS at the concert...he had hurt himself and wasn't able to perform so he sat in a corner
I love chansoo too but Kaisoo is always the ultimate. I love how much they care about each other
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