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I will say that I was angry when Tao left EXO and said some hurtful things...but he has grown ever since then...it's been a year guys!!! And yet here we have him saying that people bashing him is a daily routine!!! NOBODY'S PERFECT!!!! HE'S NOT YOUR NOT AND I DEFINITELY AM NOT...I'm happy that he has turned a deaf ear to the haters and I truly hope he succeds in whatever he does...
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ever since he left exo he has changed a lot good and bad ways but I still love him but I hate the fact that he's cussing in his music kris luhan and the members of exo don't act like that only he dose I just don't like the way he acts sometimes this is just my personal opinion about him no hate all love I was just saying how I feel
omfg Tao is perfect, haters gtfo
awe poor tao was so use to it
how can.someone hate Him he's so handsome and cute (ah what's his movie called? "oh I'm so curious"
what has he said? but yeah i agree people need to grow up and realize everyone makes mistakes