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I was finally discharged from the hospital by the end of February. Yet, I still had no voices. I had turn down the chance to go back to Royal Corp, and took the job offer from AOMG. It allow me to stay near Simon, and I didn't have to worry about what others think. I didn't have to risk my life over stupid shit.
I worked with Jay's manager, and manage together the boys and lovely Hoody's schedules, so they were stable. Like I do once in a while, I took over Simon's studio floor to do some paperwork, and computer work. I was trying to figure out their security, for when the crew went to tour 'down under'. "I think I'm gonna need a bigger studio!" Simon shouted from the door way, getting my attention.
He was smiling at me, as I return the smile. "Still mute?" He teased me about not being able to talk, from time to time. Yeah it seem a bit cruel, but we both had hope that I would get my voice back again. Only reason why we joked about it. I stuck my tongue at him, before blowing a kiss at him.
He came over to me, as I went back to work. He sad down behind me, and started to kiss my neck. I hum, whilst pushing him away a bit. "But how can I work, when you've taken over my floor." He lean against my back, while he wrapped his arms around my waist.
I held up my phone to speak my thoughts,'Easy, You sit in that chair and get your ass to work'. I turned my body to kiss him lips after he laughed at my comment. "Even with no voice you're sassy." I winked at him, earning a warm hug, and a kiss on the nape of my neck. "You know there is a way I can get you to speak again."
I sat up and looked at him completely confused. He pulled me close, so I was straddling his lap. I grinned, as I realized what he was plotting. 'Bad' was the word I mouth, as he winked at me. "I know you are..."
I manage to giggle getting him to snuggle up to me. We only stopped when Jay's manager knocked. "I was hoping you would be done, but I see you're busy playing." I moved fast, while waving my hands, that I wasn't busy. "Ah man, my moment was so short."
I threw a pillow at Simon making him laugh, as well as Jay's manager. I basically spend my nights at Simon's place, so he had a moment with me every night. I picked up my paper work and computer, before spinning his chair to welcome him to it. "Ne, I'll get to work, but I was a reward afterwards." I stuck my tongue at him, before going off with the manager.
Everyone was used to me communicating with my phone, especially since I was a speedy texter. "Noona!" I was handing over paper work when Tyson ran over to me. "You gotta come home." I just raise an eyebrow, as Lance came in with his manager. "Ignore him, Tyson's just upset because he got in trouble for dropping out of college."
I slapped Tyson on the back of his head. "OW!" He pouted as he rubbed the back of his head. "Don't need a degree to be a rapper." I just looked at Lance whilst he held up his hands. I pointed towards to exit and shook my head.
"Hold up, let's see what he got, if he good, let him stay in your place. That way you can fully move in with me." I turn around to see Simon behind me. "If you suck, you're going back to college." Tyson try acting gangsta, but he broke out of the act when I hit him again.
Lance was laughing at the pain I caused him. "Best call all the judges from ShowMeTheMoney." I pointed at Jay's manager as I nodded in complete agreement. I then text them all my thoughts, 'Yeah lets do it, so Tyson learns the first time around." Simon held me from behind, as he kissed my head.
"You just want to move in with me." I push his corny face away from me, as the others chuckled. "I love how you two match so well." Tyson compliment Simon and me. I texted, 'Still ain't getting my place unless you got the skills to back up your actions'. Tyson puffed his cheek, as I went to hitting up Illionaire, Highgrnd, New Brand, Hi-Lite, Cohorts, and BeWhy.
I was planning to put my baby brother to the maximum test. I show Simon the mass text I sent, and got him to nuzzle up to me. "Damn, you really are all or nothing, Lavi-ah." I smirked, before showing the others. Tyson's face went grim, as Lance and Jay's manager died laughing.
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Lmfao that's what he get for talking all that mess. Hahah I hope baby boy can spit cause if not he going back to school. lol
heyyyy!! Go hard or go home!!! he better bring his A Game with that firing squad she's rounding up.