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Hello my Vingle family! I wanted to share with you the way I learn how to memorize kpop groups and their members. As you know, I am a multifandom kind of girl. So I had to find a way to keep every name and group straight. So when I see a music video or live perfomance, I can say Oh yeah I know who that is. You are asking how I am doing this? Simple! With lyric with color codes videos. Here are some of them that help me with new kpop groups I've recently became mod supporters for.
I'm fairly new to Boys Republic. In the new quarter, I'm became one of their mod supporter. By watching this video, it help put names to faces of the members of Boys Republic.
MADTOWN is another group that I'm supporting. Emptiness is the first song I heard from them.
Topp Dogg is another group I'm also supporting. This group is kind of harder because more members.
UNIQ is a kpop group that I just got into. They are just awesome. If you're new like me, watching lyrics and live performance is big help getting to know them.
Winner is not new but its new for me. I am going crazy for Mino! I'll stop here. There are other kpop groups but you get the hint. I still need to learn more about BtoB, Cross Gene, Block B and A.cian. I still have my favorite kpop groups like BTS, Monsta x, Big Bang, Super Junior, GOT7, Infinite, Shinee, Up10tion, Seventeen, Beast, VIXX and EXO. I'm sure there is more but can't of any more right now. Well I hope this card helps newbies like me with their multifandom. my Vingle family @Helixx @LocoForJiyong @LadyLuna @peahyr @sherrysahar @MadAndrea @kpopandkimichi @kpopGaby @MichelleIbarra @KwonofAKind @lilbrowneyes @BelencitaGarcia @JustinaNguyen @terenailyn @tayunnie @thepinkprincess @PrincessUnicorn @scarletmermaid @SugaMint @SuperJuniorelf @SindyHernandez @maelstromVIP @JuanitaBooRiv @JamiMilsap @culversyanne @CarolPantoja @fallchild @PrettieeEmm @UnnieCakesAli @ManduBum @unnieARMYKeY @IsoldaPazo @AnnaArai @MsLoyalHeart @ARMYStarlight @AimeeH @HeichousRegalia @VeronicaArtino @kpopdeluxegirl @AaliyahNewbell @lovetopia @jjrockstar @KellyOConnor @kaeliShearer @marisamusic @xroyalreisx @BlackFawn @JohnEvans @BBxGD @flxvour @Peachylife @sarahdarwish @ShinoYuki @YailinTejeda @SugaOnTop @passthesuga @MonAnnahiX @Zxenna @jevonlowery @nikkynoel @ChoiJiah @JordanShuler @xoxorittie @firstladyofaomg @CallMeMsDragon @elainarenea @amobigbang @SimplyAwkard @buddyesd @cardboardart @annevictoriaa @TaehyungV @taetaebaozi @twistedPuppy @PolarStarr @ChaErica @koinii @kelseyblair @kennaxx @QueenLee @AmberFranco @junhwanbae92 @luna1171 @Vatcheeafandi99 @CLAKPOP @danidee @YongRaviMon @LunaFergus @MYAlpha @otakukpopgirl @JarviaKlipka @resavalencia @EmilyPeacock @SaraHanna @MandyNoona @Isolate @MrsJungHoseok @EmilyGardner @drummergirl691 @swarrier16 @lovetop @FalseLove @pandaqueenbee @MrsBangYongguk @ashleyemmert @alywoah @kpossible4250 please let me know if you want to be added to my tag list.
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@MelissaGarza they are an awesome group 2 of the members are previous SM trainees and Timotoe one of the member a rapper and dancer was included in EXO but he left due to long wait span he was way too frustrated he later debuted in a hiphop group called Hotshot in October 2014 as i get to know more about them I loved them sooo much more and I am waiting for their comeback :) <3 do check them out please.
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@sherrysahar thank you! I'll definitely add them on my list.
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I just got interested in kpop thanks to vingle😄😄😄 For those who are more experience in kpop, can you suggest what group I should listen to? Thanks😉
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@LeshelleHoward thr is soooooooooo many exo,Bigbang,bts, bap, shinee, vixx, infinite, got7 nd super junior are my top favorites lols do let me know if u need more help ❤👌
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@LeshelleHoward you should also check out Boys Republic, MADTOWN and Topp Dogg
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