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“A Jungkook Love Story”

Chapter 1

*** I can hear them as I walk to the main stage. Chating our name (BTS), waiting for us to come out. The lights dim low, the screams die down and I start to sing…*** (Your perspective) “Y/N, wake up, you’re going to miss the first day of school” “Ugh noo mom I’m still tired from all the moving and 13 hour flight. Tell me again why you made us move from the US to Seoul?” “Because my company offered me a better position, it just so happened to be a transfer now get your lazy ass up, I hear teachers are quite stricted around here” You roll out of bed already cursing the day you were born. Taking your precious time looking for which clothes to wear when you sudden come across a uniform that was laid out by your mom. “Ugh great! Now I’m going to looking like everyone else in the whole school." You go down stairs and eat breakfast and wait for your m to be done so that she can take you to your new school. “I’m sorry hunny I’m going to have to drop you off right here” “But mom we’re not even at the school yet.” “I know I’m sorry, I have no choice i’m going to be late for work. The school is straight ahead you won’t miss it. I love you hunny have a great day. I’ll pick you up after.” You watch her speed down the road. “Well it can’t get any worse, to hell I go.” Many eyes watched you as you went because they knew right away that you were from America. You finally approached the school and your best friend back in America calls you. “Hello” “Y/N , how is Seoul? I miss you so much already! OMG i’m crying already. Why couldn’t you just live with me. Waaaaah come back already!!! How is school?” “Haha you know I can’t do that, but i miss you too. Seoul is very crowded and big so i can easily get lost. As for I just got here. It looks like a 5 story high school, I just hope I don’t have a class way up there or better yet I hope they have elevators haha” Suddenly you hear screams of excitement and girls running your way. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”-you screamed. Girls bumped into you and knocked you down. You let go of your phone and it went flying to who knows where. Finally the stampede was over, but you were a mess. “Omo mian hayo, gwaenchanha,” a girl with short purple hair said as she was helping you up. “Huh?” “Oh you’re American, Sorry about that. Are you okay? Are you hurt badly?” “I’m okay, but what the hell is going on. Oh God! Is there a shooting going on?” “Hahaha noo, there is no shooting going on. Just a bunch of fangirls.” “Fangirls? So you mean to say it was just a bunch of teenage girls drooling over a flower boy? Ha how typical” “Um yeah you can put it that way, but it’s not just any flower boy. He’s an idol from the boy group BTS” “Oh he’s a kpop star? I heard of those types. I hear they’re stuck up” “Yes exactly that, but not all are stuck up, but him…Jeon Jungkook, he is the definition of stuck up. Oh by the way My name is Hyuna nice to me you umm..?” “Y/N…my name is Y/N. It’s nice to meet you too” (Jungkook perspective) “Hyun do I really have to go to school? I mean I’m an idol already why can’t I just drop out? It’s not like I need to learn math to sing better.” (Jin suddenly slaps Jungkook’s head) “OW!!! What was that for!!” “Jungkook you’re only 18. You’re young and you need to study and learn more about the world. I wish I can go back to high school. There was some good times. Especially going to the Karaoke bar with some cute girls” “ if..all these girls are all the same and annoying!” (Hears a crowd of girls running behind the car screaming) …“see what I mean hyun.” “Haha alright alright, but trust me. Not all girls are the same. There will come a day when you will meet a girl who will get your heart racing with just one look.” “You mean like IU-sunbae!!! Oh she’s so georgous” “No you idot! I mean a girl who doesn’t already have a boyfriend and who will ACTUALLY like you back” “Jee thanks for the pep talk hyun” “It’s my pleasure now have a good day at school learn something and listen to the teachers!!” Jungkook opens the door to the truck to get off and BAM! Someone’s cell phone struck him in the head. “Ow what the Fuck!!” “HEY! watch your mouth young man” “Sorry hyun, bye” (Jin drives off) Jungkook picks up the phone and presses the home button. He sees a picture of you and your best friend making silly faces. He gives a small smile and laughs and puts it in his pocket and walks off. He looks to the side and sees that girl was pushed down, but kept walking anyways. (Your perspective) “Ugh damn it I can’t find my phone anywhere. My mom is going to kill me Hyuna and when I mean kill I mean literally. It has an iron man case on it with music note hanging from it” “The bell is going to ring. If we don’t get inside then we can get into trouble. Maybe a student found it and picked it up. Let’s go check out the office if they turned it in” “Yeah you’re right..let’s go” You and Hyuna make it in the school in time. She points you to the direction of the office as she goes running to her class. You walk down to the office and is confronted by a teacher. “Why are you in here. You should be in your classroom. Hurry up if you don’t want detention.” “But i don’t know what classroom I’m in..? "Come again?” “This is my first day here…” *silence*….“ohh well why didn’t you say so.” “Well you didn’t give me a chan..” “What’s your name so that we can get you all settled in.” “Y/N..oh and by the way did anyone turn in a cell phone. I lost mine?” “A cell phone?…no I’m sorry, but I will notify you when there has been one. Ah this will be your homeroom teacher. Mrs. Kim..this is your new student Y/N today is her first day. "Oh well nice to meet you Y/N, come on follow me. Your new classroom is B-3 "Okay” As you walk down the hall you can peer into other classrooms. You glance into them to see what it’s like. Boys picking fights. Girl’s putting on make up. Guys spitting spit balls. “Ugh how disgusting, just typical. As you were passing by B-2 You see a red case and a silver thing hanging from it. You immediately stop and walk backward. You take a closer look and see that it’s your phone with an iron man case and a music note hanging from it. "Is something wrong Y/N?” "Oh no Mrs. Kim, I just have to grab a note book from my friend, may I?" “Yes go ahead I will be waiting” You walk into the classroom and the class suddenly went silent. They watch you as you walk to Jungkook. Girl’s hissing at you for even getting near their bais. You stand by him and just stare at your phone. “Um excuse me” (Jungkook perspective) “Huh, so this person likes Iron Man too. One of these girls must be his girl friend and the other his friend.” “Um excuse me” He slowly looked up and realized that it was the girl in the picture. “What do you want” “Um that’s my phone” *he decided to play around with you* “How do I know that you’re not lying?” “Well my picture is on the homescreen” He realized he asked a stupid question. The homeroom teacher came in and asked everyone to sit down. The teacher suddenly saw the girl standing by Jungkook. “Who are you? You’re not in my class. Jungkook how many times do I have to tell you. Tell your admirers to stop confessing to you in my classroom.” “Well what can I say, these girls can’t resist me” Everyone busted out laughing..even Jungkook. She turned and walked out of class. “I’ll just keep this for the time being” (Your perspective) The laughs were so loud and you just walked away making it more funnier for them. You wanted to cry, but held it in. “I just wanted my damn phone back” You entered your new class and realized that Hyuna was in the same class as you. Mrs. Kim sat you right beside her. “Hey are you okay Y/N? You’ve been zoned out throughout all this lesson. If I were you I would pay attention. This is going to be on the finals in 3 months.” “Huh? Yeah I’m fine…Actually no I’m not.” You went ahead and told Hyuna everything that happened during break. “Wow what an ass. So what are you going to do?” “The only thing I can do. I need to get my phone back” The day dragged on. Lesson after lesson and P.E. class comes up. Hyuna had told you during break that both classes have the same P.E. class as class B-2. So that is when you decided that will be the time you get your phone back. You saw him as you got to the gym and sure enough he had your phone with him. (Jungkook perspective) He was staring at the phone. Slowly turning it over and over in his palm. He couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened in the classroom earlier that day. *he said to himself* “Okay. I’ll give it back when I see her. I should’ve given it back, but where was the fun in that. Hmm I want to continue messing with her. Let’s see if she has Kakao. Oh she does..well guess who has your number now Y/N” He changed into his P.E. clothes and walks to the gym with her phone in her hand ready to give it up. (Your perspective) “Hey Idol idiot” you yelled out as you walked towards him. “Give me back my phone and no one get’s hurt” Everyone stopped what they were doing and started looking your way. “What did you call me?” “You heard me! Now give me my phone” “You know i was thinking about giving it to you, but now I don’t want to.” “I’m warning you Jungkook!” He starts to walk away and without hesitation you charge at him. Later you come to know that he’s good a sports at singing at dancing…and taekwondo. “Haayyaaaaa” you try to punch him, but he grabs your hand quickly. Your shoelace was untied and lost your balance and tripped. Jungkook quickly moved and caught you. You both fell to the ground, but you falling into his arms. When you open your eyes you notice you were looking into his and your face sudden felt so hot. He was looking into yours without saying a word. You suddenly realize what was happening and punched him in the gut. “Owwwwwwww” “Get off of me, get off of me!!! He flopped over in pain after the punch to his gut. "Didn’t I warn you” Bending down to grab your phone. “You might be an idol and loved by many, but I dislike you idol idiot! Don’t ever embarrass me that way again or next time it will be your face.” You storm away with Hyuna giving you a high five. Feeling high and mighty, but realized you just gained a lot of antifans…Jungkook’s fan’s. (Jungkook persepctive) “Owwwwwww” He was in so much pain. Because it wasn’t the gut she punched him in…instead it was a tad bit lower then she expected. Jungkook was having a hard time breathing because it hurt so much. He saw you walk away from him and all the time he was thinking… “Who is this girl?…”
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