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Im sorry to say this but has anyone forgot that Kai and Krystal r dating?? I totally forgot..the moment I was watching F(x)'s new MV and reading the comments I remembered...shit honestly, when F(x)'s MV came out all of us realized that Kai and Krystal r together. also Im glad that we forgot (sorry) bc we will get into arguments somehow
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i kinda forgot too lolol... oooooppppppssssss
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that's still going on? good for them. it's probably best we forget fans get a Lil crazy with couples sometimes lol
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I'm kinda glad that everyone forgot (please don't take this the wrong way) because when they first dated everyone thought it was the end and bugging other idols for personal info
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@SimplyAwkward I completely agree
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I forgot for a while
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