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안녕하세요 친구! Though I am still frustrated with certain things and what happened, I won't let my fellow Melodies down. Kcon LA was great by the way, I'm still on that high. But a little cute card for all my lovely Chi Town Peniel Bae stans. Yay, let's see..... ♢A date with Peniel (credit to owner): ♢
He would buy couples clothing like matching hat and sweater shirts/vest. lol Aww
He would tie your shoes to make sure you do not trip He's so caring ♡♡♡
Later go out for ice cream to calm that sweet tooth....I'll still accept the ice cream though I prefer meat.
The day will finish with cute & protective texts from him making sure you made it safe & sound to your room/house.
@IsoldaPazo btob in general please ^^ I just figured out I'm only on one of the community mods taglist and I want to be able to see all the melody awesomeness.
@MandyNoona would love to tag you but everything peniel, btob or in general? 😄
awwww cute! can you add me plz?
Cutie!! Watching his vlogs, he always needs Vanilla ice cream after every meal! haha 😆
Peniel would be a perfect date ☺
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