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~So the first card posted was like a "preview" but this is the actual part 1 [ Also very important (Y/N) stands for Your name ] for the people who didn't know~

*Your P.O.V* "THANK YOU FOR FLYING WITH US. IF YOU ARE VISITING WE HOPE YOU ENJOY KOREA, IF YOU LIVE HERE WE HOPE YOU FLY WITH US AGAIN" a lady's voice was heard over the speakers as our plane finished landing I wasn't exhausted like my mom and step-dad because they were working from their computers and I slept most of the time and when I wasn't sleeping I was practising my Korean... I was almost fluent because I grew up learning Spanish and English but when my mom met Eric (mystep dad) we began to learn. it's been 7 years now because my mom and Eric met when I was 10... but when I was 6 my dad died ina car accident on his way to work in Mexico but my mom and I both knew he would have wanted us to move on in life so we did but we never have and never will forget him.

*time skip*

"your P.O.V" All I could think about on the drive to our new house was what it would look like and what school in Korea would be like. I was exited to see and live in a place that was different from where I was born and used to but most of all I was scared... scared I wouldn't fit in and moving would have just been a waste of time and money. Why am I like this...? I asked myself. Why can't I ever be positive...? "I don't know how" I answered my own question. I had been told for so long that I actually began to believe I was worthless...

*time skip*

*mom's P.O.V* Awww, look at my sweet baby... she's grown up so fast and beautifully, I'm thankful for having her. She's a living reminder of her dad but I'm also thankful to Eric because with out him our family wouldn't be completed... I love him and need him... we need him, he's always been so good to both of us, I don't think they will ever know how thankful I am to have both of them. (Arriving at the house) "YAA!! (Y/N) wake up we're here, take a look at the house it's gorgeous !" I tried to say it loud enough for her to hear/wake up and she did. *Your P.O.V* I woke up to my mom's voice saying something about the house and she was right, it was like something seen in dramas. I couldn't fully grasp the idea that it was ours and we were actually going to live here now but it all slowly came to me as soon as we got off the car and proceeded inside
^ New house ^ *Your P.O.V* "(Y/N) I heard Eric call while coming in with our luggage" it was only a little because we sent our things before us and had them set up by a interior house designer so we wouldn't have to worry when we got here and by the looks of it they did a wonderful job. The house was very open and since it was mostly white on the inside it felt calming
"Ready to see your new room?" Eric asked me after giggling with my mom a bit (they were acting like teenagers hiding something). I followed them both down some stairs that looked alot like the rest of the house 'White' but then they suddenly stopped at a door with (Y/N) written on it. I felt special. we walked in and it was beautiful
Since we were down stairs a got a view of the garden that surround the house and I couldn't help but cry, I was going to start fresh.... a new life... no one knew me and so far no one hated me

*That's it for this chapter! ❤ ! I used pictures to set the tone of this story, I hope you guys liked it* (BTW the pictures aren't mine creds to the real owners)