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Since this game popped up in my notifications, I thought to myself, "sure, why not?" So I did my best to narrow it down to my top 10. I gotta say it was tough since I would like to "kiss" a lot of female anime characters, if I had the opportunity to do so.
10. Hinata Hyuga - Naruto
9. Kirigaya Suguha
8. Kiyoko Shimizu
7. Mei Tachibana - Say I Love You
6. Fluesy Bluesy aka "Izzy" - Taboo Tattoo
5. Toudou Kirin - The Asterisk War
4. Akeno Himejima - High School DxD
3. Fremy Speeddraw - Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers
2. Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail
1. Yoko Littner - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
My top five are actually not in order, as for those were my hardest to rank; therefore, they are not in precise order, so they are my number ones lol And now for a special bonus!💖✨🌟⭐️
And my beautiful girlfriend - since I'm out of the country, and she's back in the states. Our only communication is social media, and when she has time we FaceTime since there's a pretty huge gap in time difference. 😭💔