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Que tal peeps!

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Mature Content

Let's get into part 3 of this series.
You, Namjoon, Jessamine, and Jimin gather your things and walk to the door only to find Yoongi standing in front of the door. "Bro we are leaving excuse us." Namjoon says. "So you are all are leaving huh? Yoongi says. Suddenly Yoongi pushes Namjoon. Namjoon grabs Yoongi as he falls to the ground. They roll on the floor punching each other. Jimin tried to break them up. Hobi hears the noise and helps Jimin breakup the two. "That's mine!" Yoongi yells. "No she's with me. You don't deserve her!" Namjoon says. "So you gonna just take my trash bro? Sloppy seconds." Yoongi says. You begin crying and run down the hall. Jessamine slaps Yoongi. "You jack ass you need to let her go! Look at what you both have done." Jessamine yells. Jungkook runs after you. Your vision was blurry as tears ran from your eyes. You were wildly running in the neighborhood. It was night time and the streets were busy since it was a weekend night. Your emotions were playing the leading role. You run straight towards traffic and you almost step in front of a bus. As you stare at the head lights a string arm pulls you to safety. You look up and see Yoongi and Jungkook catching up. You faint in his arms. Later you could hear noises in the background. Jessamine was fussing and Jimin was trying to calm down. The light of the room burned your eyes a little as you slowly opened your eyes. You were in the living room at the guy's place. You felt Jessamine brush your hair as a look of relief came across her face. "I'm no happy you are alive. You fainted in Jungkook's arms right after he pulled out of harms way. Namjoon was right behind him. They brought you home." Tae says as Jessamine puts some more ice in a bag for you. "You mean it wasn't Yoongi?" You say in a low tone. "No. He was here locked up in his room. Why would you even think he would run after you?" Namjoon said.
Yoongi walked our his room with his headphones on and grabbed some snacks out the kitchen. He attempted to walk passed you all without speaking. He was pissed and lost in his music. Jin waved at him and Yoongi noticed. He was pissed but he didn't want to be rude to his elder. Yoongi took off his headphones and looked at Jin. Everyone was silent. "Why didn't you go after her? You are the one who made her upset with your ways." Jin asked. Yoongi paused. "Why would I care. She's an adult." "What you mean by that. I know you ain't this cold bro." Hobi says. "She fine ain't she? Let it go bro." Yoongi says while placing his head phones on. Jessamine stood up and yanked them down. "You have some explaining to do. You misuse my friend and then ruined our date night." Yoongi pressed his lips together and attempted to walk away as you vegan crying again. Everyone began comforting you and calling Yoongi mean names. This made him even mad. He quickly turned around. "You all think she's so innocent. You all defend her and think I'm the bad guy but she's the wrong who broke my heart first! Tell them!" Yoongi eyes began to water. "Just drop it you say. You just look even worst" "Before we had sex that night three weeks before that when I was out handling business shorty got crazy with Jungkook. You thought I wouldn't know but he told me. I was just waiting on you to confess." Yoongi said. "Went crazy?"Namjoon asked. You look down at the ground and say nothing. Jungkook promised to keep it a secret. Everyone else were in shock and confused. "What the hell happened?" Jin asked. "It is true. Jungkook and I fooled around but oral and anal isn't really sex. I just was curious and tipsy. I...." "Wow, so this explains it all." Jimin says. "I know I promised to keep it between us, but Yoongi is like a brother to me and I couldn't do it." Jungkook says. "What pissed me off is how you never confessed and walked around here like you were some innocent princess. You turned my friends against me. I felt no one would listen so yeah I used you as pay back. Just like autumn leaves you are dead to me." Yoongi says while storming off. You were left speechless and ashamed. You knew all this time you were wrong. That's why you slept with Yoongi. You acted like you all had this perfect Beauty and the Beast relationship but you two took flame quickly and burnt out just as quick. You need attention and he was always busy with BTS stuff. You knew low key that you two were fading away, dying away like those autumn leaves you seen fall on the night you and Jungkook fooled around. After the incident your guilt made you try to hold on. Even though Yoongi seemed cold he really was a sensitive being and what you did made you feel like a monster. But deep down you really did love him.
You went to work and did the normal routine. You were asked to work also with another group and help prepare a rookie group. However, last night weighed heavy on your soul. You let yourself down, Yoongi down, and your friends down. However, you hoped you could fix things. After work you were doing some paper work when Namjoon walked into your office. He looked like he had something on his mind. "Hey I've been thinking...with all that's going on I can't continue this relationship with you. I know you are dealing with a lot of ish but I can't be fake." Namjoon says. "Well, I appreciate your honesty Namjoon. I know I've made a mess of things." You say while having control of your emotions. "Yeah well I'm glad we could chat. I'm cool with hanging out like before but that's it." Namjoon says. "Okay well I'm happy you don't want to write me off. I know Jin is really pissed at me and so is Jessamine. Unlike Jin she didn't say anything but I just know." You say while stamping your paperwork. Later that night you were on your computer when you got a notification that BTS dropped a new track. You quickly clicked on the link and listened to the new track on youtube. The song was called "Autumn Leaves or Dead Leaves." The lyrics really hit you hard and especially Yoongi's verse. You were proud to know he produced this song. You wanted to cry but you decided that crying was not going to be your new hobby. You needed to be strong. Besides you played a huge role in the mess you made. You began looking up stuff about therapy and foster care. You wondered if you past made it hard for you to be really attached to people. Yoongi was not the first you cheated on. Honestly you cheated on all your boyfriends. You only had three so far. Yoongi was your third and you knew deep down inside if you and Namjoon began dating you would have cheated on him. Unlike Yoongi you gave no fuck about the others. You were blunt and open with your cheating and cared nothing for their feelings. You didn't earn the name Virgin whore from being good. Yes, Yoongi took your vaginal virginity but you fooled around with many guys. Before you dated Yoongi you even fooled around with Lee your then internship coach and he's married. As you walked to the kitchen to gather some magazines you left on the coffee table you begin to hear loud noises and glass bottles. You ignore it and grab you a cup of tea before grabbing your magazine. However, the odd noises were getting louder. You walked to your patio door with your tea cup in your hand to see a few broken beer bottles on your patio. You noticed a male yelling and cussing as he threw bottles. You put on your patio light to see it was.. ..........

jajajaja sip drink until next time peeps!

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men aren't the only one who cheat but it doesn't mean that he can treat her that way and talk to her like that it's not her fault
Whoa! That was very, very real. I like the fact that women cheat too. I like that you had him behaving like I would assume. just like a Piscean male, but within reason.
Well that eskalated really quickly!!!!!! Well damn!!!! This done put a monkey rench in this story!! The playa got played!!
Wow she messed with kookie it's all clear now the hate Suga has for her
tag me please I would love to read more
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