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From London to Korea Pt 2

Hey guys! Sorry I'm out camping and lost track of what day it was, so when I update, it'll be on Fridays! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

“Mom? I just got an email from TS!” “Really sweetie? That's great! What did it say?” My mother, Angie, replied from across the hall. “I'm not sure. I haven't opened it yet.” “Well why haven't you? You were so eager for it to come.” “But what if it says I'm not what they want! What if it says I'm not good enough?” “Just open it and see that I'm right because you are more than what they could hope to find before I come in and do it for you!” After hearing those words come out of her mouth, I tapped on the email and immediately screamed! And dropped my phone, but that's not important at the moment. All that matters is I got in! “Well, now that you know,” mom said with a chuckle, “how are you going to tell your friends tomorrow?” “Moooooom, you know I did this cause I only have 1 friend, and sometimes she doesn't even talk to me. I probably won't say anything until I leave or if I make it.” “Speaking of which, did they say when you need to be there? And any other info like plane tickets, housing, and fees?” “They did. I'll write it down for you.” As I walk to the kitchen to find a pen and some paper, I see something very disturbing. Mom has a paper from the bank, and it has some bold words on it. Carefully looking to make sure mom isn't coming down the stairs, I pull it out and begin to read. There's big, bold words on the top that say final notice, and the first paragraph says something about losing our house. After that, I couldn't comprehend anything. Hearing footsteps, I quickly shove the paper back into the pile. “Honey, are you Ok?” Mom snuck up behind me. “Yeah, just can't find any clean paper.” I follow with a nervous giggle. Handing me a paper, mom says, “why not just use this?” I see it's an old bank notice, but don't say anything. Ever since I was little, I would stress about our finances because we've been in this situation before. And I don't want her to know it's coming back. That caused issues for us before and I don't want those to come up again, considering these next few months could be the last ones I spend with her. After I write down the information, I feel the adrenaline wear off and exhaustion kicks in. “I think I'm going to head to bed now. Night mommy!” As I'm heading up the stairs, I hear my mom’s voice follow me. “Night sweetie! Sweet dreams!” I do my bedtime routine, and pass out before my head hits the pillow. -------- When I arrive at school the next day, nothing feels different. School is the same, except I've had to tell all my teachers I'll be gone for two days. They all wished me luck, and understood I wanted to keep quiet about it. But unfortunately every teacher had some homework for me to do, as well as an extra day or two to complete it. I had found out last night, which was Tuesday, but TS wanted me there asap. They also told me something I didn't see coming. They had booked me a flight for tonight, but told me to get all my homework to do while in the air. School seemed to fly by, no pun intended, or every pun intended, but also seemed to drag on. Finally, the final bell rang and I shot out of the building and into my car. It was a typical day, with my only ‘friend’ Rachel not saying a word to me. Oh well. I hope I won't be back to talk to her. I drove home, struggling not to speed and grabbed my suitcase and sat on the couch while waiting for mom to get home. Usually she's home shortly after I am, but she's taking a little longer than usual. Oh well, my flights not until seven tonight. Mom texts me to come outside, and when I do, I see a majority of her coworkers standing in the driveway with a sign saying ‘Good luck Carrie! You can do it!’ I started to cry and was so happy to feel the sheer number of people who were supporting me. We had this big group hug, and mom pulled out a cake. “Mom! You didn't have to do all this!” I said with the biggest smile on my face. Through tears, she replied, “well, it's not every day a mother sends her baby off to South Korea to audition for a music company!” I felt partially guilty, because she had spent money on me, but I pushed out that feeling to enjoy it knowing soon I'll be able to support her. Soon after, we had to drive to the airport before I missed my flight. We spent the car ride singing along to show tunes, and laughing about so many things. All too soon, it was over and we arrived at the airport. Mom was going to come with me as far as she could, but it wasn't going to be enough time. We made it through to security, and mom had to leave. I made it to my gate before I broke down. I was terrified about not making it, and kept thinking, what if I'm not skinny enough? I had always been on the muscular side, but that's because I've danced for so many years. What if they don't like me, simply because I'm a foreigner? I had plenty of these intrusive thoughts, but was thankfully pulled out by the stewardess calling for my seat to board. Once on, I didn't touch my homework for a few hours, because I was drained from my tears.
Hope you liked it!
I'm really liking this story? I can't wait to read next part.☺