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I wasn't really sure where to go with this one because I don't really see such traditional attire in most anime. Also, looking at tomorrow's topic, I don't really know the definition/difference between a kimono and yukata, but here are the basic differences:
1. Yukata comes in cotton fabric. On the contrary, a kimono dress comes in silk fabric.
2. Unlike yuakata clothing, kimono clothing has at least two collars.
3. Shoes like zori or geta will have to be worn with kimono clothing, but this is not mandatory while wearing a yukata dress.
4. Yukata is worn during the summer season. They are also worn as bathrobes in places such as Hot Springs.
5. Both men and women normally wear kimono. On the other hand, yukata is worn more by women than men.
6. In terms of cost, the kimono is more expensive than yukata.
Interestingly enough, while searching for images for these two cards, I found far more examples of female characters in kimono and male characters in yukata! However, I did my best to try to be accurate. Featured here, in order, are Japan (Hetalia), Nagisa, Rei, Makoto, Haruka, Rin, and Nitori (Free!), Kazuma (Noragami), and Kaoru, Kyoya, Hani, Mori, Hikaru, and Tamiki (and Haruhi, but details; Ouran High School Host Club).
As always, hope you enjoyed! If you wanna learn more about me/ be my friend/ be tagged in these, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm nice, I swear (mostly ;p)! Or I guess you can follow my 100 Days of Anime collection, or both if you feel so inclined!
Until next time! Please, feel free to share your thoughts/answers in the comments! I love discussion!
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@SuperWolverBat haven't seen that one but I looked it up, and that does look like a pretty sweet kimono!
this is a random card idea but i like it!
@alliepetey I found it very educational, mostly because of my OCD-ness! Though now Kazuma's annoys me a tiny bit because it's custom to wear kimono and yukata left over right; it is considered rude to wear one right over left because that's how the dead are depicted, but Kazuma is kinda dead, so I feel like his should be right over left...
I really want to get a Yukata to wear whenever I want to be a little casual, yet still feel snazzy.