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Here's chapter 1: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Chapter 3 (Jungkook P.o.v) All 7 of us we finish our practice, June 12, 2015 my phone says I can't believe it's been 2 years since we relies 2cool4skool our first single and tomorrow we are going to celebrate our 2 year being as a group. "Great job you guys lets take a brake" Rap Mon said. "Finally,so how many albums did we sold for The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1" Suga said. "The manager said 180,000 copies" Jin said. "That's a lot, we are making Part 2 " I said. "Yes, Jungkook but for now we need to think about lyrics" Suga said. "So are you ready for school tomorrow" Jimin said. "Not really both school are going to be their and I'm afraid I'll be squash by all the girls" Jungkook said. "Jungkook don't worry I don't think it will happen yeah they will come close to talk to you but not squish you" Jin said. "You will be fine, smile cause mama Jin going to take pictures". What's to worry about right and should I tell them. ~the next day~ I hear my alarm beeping."five more minutes" I whisper while stretching. I hear foot steps and knowing who it could be Jimin or j-hope with V. "Ah.. Get of me Jimin" i said while getting some air. The rest of the guys came in the room all dress already. "Well I see you guys are exited it's not graduation it's a opening ceremony" I said. "Jungkook, Rap-Mon said in a America their last year of high school is very important because your living the young adult life and becoming a adult" V said. "Im not 18 you guys I'm 19 I'll be 20 soon in September one " Jungkook said. "in America you have to be 21 to actually be a adult" Rap-Mon said. "You guys we are in South Korea not America Jungkook already pass his 18 year and he's about to be 20 soon getting so old so fast" Jimin said. "You better go change before your late Jungkook" Suga said. I got off the bed and all the guys left levying me alone. ~10 min later~ "Jungkook you can do this" I said to myself. I got out and everyone taking at lest a picture and then typing im guessing posting online for the fans. "are you guys done" l said. "Yes Jungkook, I'm driving guys" Jin said. On our way to the school all I can think of is are my friends still my friends obviously they are to me but me to them and since I been spending to much time with BTS and not a lot with my original friends. (Aaliyah P.O.V) Yesterday was a disaster witch the officer he thought we where girls obviously we are but no for this moment we are guys going to a all boy school but finally another officer let us in cause he know we guys. "Where my shoes" I said whispering to myself. I'm in the dorm theirs another person staying with me but I don't know who he is I just hope he's not a pervert or somebody that fallows people around. "I don't think he will snore at knight" I said whispering to myself. I heard a knock on my door. "Come in, its open" I said in a shout. "Hi I'm your room partner" he said. Omg he cute let me go gay for him no I don't wanna ruin my brother reputation, wait no it can't be him. "Have we meet before, you look familiar" Kim Ji Sung said. (Melanie) Classes don't start until 9:00am and its burly 7:30am I should start getting ready but sleep is better I wonder if Aaliyah is up. ~text message~ Me:hey wake up you take long to dress up Aaliyah: says the one that type the message I'm already up and ready well I lost my shoe Me: your shoe is in my room Aaliyah: how did it got their Me: idk you should come over Aaliyah: good thing you ask cause I have to tell you about my room partner ~End of text~ I heard the door open. "Can you knock at lest" I said. "Their was no time ok, remember my internet guy friend I told you about but we kinda fade out and it's been 2 years without texting plus he lives in South Korea, Seoul witch is here" Aaliyah said without taking a breath. "Aaliyah take a deep breath first, don't tell me he's your room partner" I said. "Yeah not only that Kim still remembers me cause he told me that I look familiar to somebody he use to know and giving lots of clues that only me and him know and the most shocking was...." Aaliyah said but got interrupted by a nock. "Come in" I said. Me and Aaliyah couldn't stop staring. "Hi I'm your room partner" he said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> I hope u like chapter 3 and to make my life easier and you guys not waiting weeks for my next chapter every Saturday starting today I'll update with a new chapter so seen you next week. Also if you want me to tag just type the word "tag" and I'll tag u on the next chapter until the last one Here's chapter 4: @mariamontoya1