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Hey everyone! Jiji here with a few things I need to tell you guys for GOTW cards and my future posting schedule.
I'm happy to tell you that GOTW cards will be continuing on Monday. Because of lovely comments I received from you guys I will not be ending it, I do want to change it up a little so I will be giving each group two weeks to not only bring you way more fun but also to give myself some breathing room if I run a little late getting cards up hehe.
GOTW is like my baby and I love doing it, but with college coming up really soon I'm going to need some help!
I need some lovely people who will treat this with as much love as I do, and will do the best they can to improve it with me!
So basically what I will be looking for is
1. Someone who can help me find as much information for the main card and the member cards for whatever group we will be highlighting so I can get the most accurate information cause let me tell you.. It's so hard making sure information lines up so having someone there to help will be a load off my shoulders.
2. I do want to try to add one shots, gif reactions, stuff like that, but due to the fact that the group we highlight is different every time it would be hard to find someone able to do it every new group because, they may not know the group well enough, so at the end of the week for each group I will announce the next group so if you know that group and love them and are interested in making a one shot, gif reaction, etc. for GOTW please message me and let me know! I will let you do it as long as you can get up within the two weeks the group is being highlighted and I approve it. So if one shots, gif reactions, etc. do happen for GOTW, it may be a new person doing it everytime so that will be really cool!
3. I would like to have someone in charge of Music Videos and Dance Practice cards, Interview cards, and cards about any regular show like MTV diaries or just anything the group had like that. It would be a wonderful help to me to have someone (or multiple people) doing those for me.
So those are what I am looking for, if you're interested in doing anything like that please let me know. Also if you have any questions please message me and ask or comment below and ask, and I will get to your question asap!
Also for 2 and 3 please clarify if you want to cover only one of those things, like if you only want to do one shots, tell me you only want to do one shots, or if you only want to make the MV + dance practice cards, tell me you only want to do that, please clarify what you want to do so I can hopefully give you the position you want.
I would like you to also have the Line app so we can chat a bit and eventually have a group chat for the whole GOTW team, but if you do not have Line, that is okay, I can message you on here, or even on Instagram if that is easier for you.
So if you are interested in any of the positions above please message me on here (I apologize if I take awhile to get to your message if you do because vingle messaging is so slow *cri*) or I will give you my Line if you ask me!
Thank you guys for your wonderful comments!
Posting announcement!
Okay everyone, so as you know college is starting soon and I will need some time to adjust to the schedule I will be on and get into the swing of things (which hopefully won't take too long since I'm not actually going to a campus)
So starting the 22nd of this month, I will be posting less cards or may not be posting at all because of classes.
Things will be calming down and once I figure everything out I will be back to posting on a schedule (hopefully *crosses fingers*) so please understand if you don't see my cards for a few weeks.
During that time GOTW will probably be put on hold for a few weeks (unless I have a team then I will let them handle it) and I will have mod team members covering for me until I can return without stressing too much!
Thank you guys for giving my cards so much love, I appreciate you all! Have a wonderful day!
I'm so happy you're going to keep doing these! I'd definitely be game for doing the mvs/dance practices for any groups. for groups I'm super familiar with I can do just about anything (though I don't do one shots, I can do poems or something fun), but am open to helping with whatever. for any other group, I am open to helping with gif reactions, potentially doing poems, and maybe doing comparisons (members like Pokemon/animals/zodiac/etc). I do have a line and kakao, also Skype and kik, so I'm able to chat however ^^
@JiyongLeo I haven't done much on line, so I don't know what that might mean sorry ^^;
@Bwolfgirl Alright I'll add you later, line said I reached my search limit??
@JiyongLeo it should be: bri.wolfgirl if it doesn't come up right away, search: wolfpuppies those are both registered as my ids on there, so one should appear ^^
@Bwolfgirl Wonderful! If you give me your line ID I'll add you!
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