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What's up guys, its finally time to introduce my bias Wenhan. If you missed the other members just click their names here: Sungjoo Yixuan But let's more about Wenhan Basic Fats: Full Name- Li Wenhan Birthdate- July 22,1994 Birthplace- Hangzhou, China Position- Main Vocalist A Few Fun Facts!!
Biggest Dream: To become one of the most popular idol groups in the world and bring more joy to people
He is very skilled in playing the piano and guitar
He is a great swimmer. Past winner of the Hangzhou Junior Swimming Competition when he was younger
Previously schooled in the U.S but gave it up to focus on his career for the entertainment industry
Listen to his amazing voice!!
That's going to do it for Wenhan! I hoped it was good. Is he your bias???

Next will be Seungyeon!!

and that song is one of my favorites... hearing him sing it gives me butterflies everytime!
my babe!!! *sparkly anime eyes*
yeah He's definitely bias wrecker material. 😂
I can see him become my bias or bias wrecker big time!