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I can't believe I hadn't touched this story in almost a month, and the way it ended in the last chapter I'm so sorry! alot had been going on in the kpop world lol and in life, summer time. it also doesn't help that I had been wrapped up in other stories and had no ideas in what direction this was going but nope got it back and focusing on B.A.P for a while now Yey! Okay so now that I done talking(writing) to the chapter!
After regaining my composure and Himchan stopped laughing I told him to go get his own cup of coffee and me another, by the time he got back mine would be gone too. “What do you want to drink?” he asked me. “Well I was just getting iced coffee” I told him He narrowed his eyes at me. “Iced coffee?” he questioned. “You drink fancy coffees” he told me. I grinned. “Yea, but I also like iced coffee in the summer, especially in the mornings” I added. “And if I remember you do too. We had an entire conversation at some point on when it was alright to drink hot coffee and cold coffee” I said remembering a conversation from when we first started talking. “I surprise you” he said getting up. I watched him making his way to the counter. He was standing there looking at the menu. Good I have a few minutes I thought than slowly pulled my book up and opened it picking right back up where I left off. A grin spread across my face as I read. I got through a full page before the book was ripped out of my hands. A whimper escaped me. “Give me” I whined reaching for the book that was just out of reach. Himchan was standing over me now holding onto the book. A happy look on his face as he leaned against the table and turned the book so that he could read. “What has you interested in this?” he questioned. “I’m at the best part where the good vampires are fighting the bad vampires.” I told him as I continued to reach for the book. “Oh that sounds good” he said moving so he sat opposite of me again. “Himchan give it back” I said grabbing but he continued to pull it out of my reach. “Fine” I said picking up my coffee and drinking the rest of it. “Shouldn’t you be happy just being across from me?” he questioned. I thought for a moment. Meeting Himchan in person, granted I have been talking to him for the past six months. “I am happy!” I smiled. “I’m finally getting to meet you” I told him. He laughed and put the book down, shutting it, thankfully a bookmark was in place. “Good, you should be” he said. “Coffee up” I said pointing to the counter. He looked at me and smiled sweetly. I waited. “Shouldn’t you be the gentlemen and get it?” I asked him sweetly. “I could” he agreed than stood up. “Thank you for saying I’m a gentlemen” he said laughing as he walked away to get the drinks. I couldn’t help but laugh at it. When he came back he set the drinks inbetween us and I smiled my approval. “So was it really you I saw last night at the bookshop?” I asked him. I had been curious since than and finally had to ask. “We had been looking for Zelo for a little under an hour” he told me. “Wow, he didn’t get that long of a nap” I zoomed in on that fact making him laugh. “He snuck away from practice and after a while wondered where he went to than we thought he was lost” he explained. “You were practicing?” I asked. “Wait and since I saw him at the airport earlier you guys had just gotten back from somewhere” I pointed out. “Oh my god I’m just connecting the dots now. That’s why you had messaged me so fast to be careful. You saw me trip” I put the puzzle together that had formed in my head. “Bingo!” he said touching his nose with his index finger. “So you were just here for a short time and than have you travel again?” I questioned. He just nodded. “That’s not good. Why didn’t you stay where you were and fly from destination to destination?” I asked. “There were a few things to do here in Seoul” he said cryptically. “I’m going to flatter myself here, but I better not have been one of those reasons” I told him. He chuckled. “Would you be mad if you were up there?” He asked. I blushed. I couldn’t help it. “High points for you!” I said at last. “But I’m so not worth it. So your other reasons better be good” I told him looking away. It was sweet of him to say it but I felt somewhat guilty that I had been on the list. I was here for a while he could have seen me any time he got back. “We also had to go to the studio and get clothes, someone wanted a stuffed animal they forgot, and another wanted to make an appearance at the airports without crowds surrounding us.” he explained. I could except two of those reasons, but really forgetting a stuffed animal that was not so major to come all the way back here. I thought. “Okay, well I think you’ve fooled people, there was no crowd waiting at the airport” I said remembering there really hadn’t been anyone trying to see them. “Are those acceptable reasons?” he asked curiously. “The airport and going to the studio yes, the others are minor” I shrugged. “Oh” he made a noise. “So how long are you free for today?” I asked him. He checked his watch. “Until twelve o’clock” he said. It was nine now, so that meant he had three hours. “Nice” I smiled. “What do you want to do today?” he asked me. I stared at him. “Have you eaten breakfast yet?” he asked. I continued to stare. I did not do breakfast. I know it’s an important meal of the day but in the mornings I was never hungry and food upset my stomach in the mornings. “You should eat” he scowled. I shook my head. “I like breakfast food but I never feel well after eating in the morning” I told him. “Because your body is not used to it. If you get adjusted to the meal you would not have this problem. You should be taking care of your health” he scolded me. I sat there and stared at him. I couldn’t help it, I laughed. “Do not laugh this is serious” he said taking it the wrong way. “I know. You worry wart. But I am healthy and I take care of myself” I told him. “Just because I don’t eat one meal doesn’t mean I’m going to fall sick” I told him. He stared at me. “You were sick last month” he pointed out. “Stress induced sickness does not count!” I said pointing at him. “You know I was studying for my finals plus for the exam for cosmetology! I had to retake the final twice before I got my 96% but I got a 98% in one go when I took the test for my license ” I told him. “And I’m proud of you for it” he grinned making me chuckle. “Thank you” I said. “It was so hard to do. I just hate how in school the test was harder then the test to actually get my license” I whined to him. It made him laugh. “It is to prepare you for the test” he told me. “Well it did do that” I nodded sulking as I picked up my drink. I took a sip and my eyes widened. This didn’t taste like caramel, in fact it tasted like something else. There was coffee flavor ws there but there was also a nutty flavor and chocolate. “This is so good” I said. “What is this?” I asked. He was busy drinking his coffee so I had to wait for him to answer. “It’s nutella” he told me. My eyes widened. They had nutella coffee. That was amazing. “I have never known there was this flavor” I said which made him laugh. “ I knew you would like it” he grinned. “How is your leg doing today?” he asked changing the subject. I stared at him. “When you tripped over Zelo yesterday” he reminded me. “Oh yea, it’s better. Krystal had to help me walk back to the house but there’s no pain. Little bruising but nothing major” I told him. “Will you be okay to walk around today?” he asked. “Yea, in fact I was planning out what to go see today and hoped I could walk everywhere” I told him. Than turned away. “I admit I’m a little nervous to do it all on my own. Probably why I don’t want to take a cab or bus.” I added. Krystal had work until three so I had several hours to myself but with how I rarely did things by myself, it would be new and rough to do these things on my own. “I’m doing them with you, why think you're by yourself already?” he asked confused. “Well yea I’m hanging out with you now but later I won’t be” I told him. “Come to the studio, I’m doing practice with some of the guys and than packing again to go” he said. “You can say hi to the guys” he blushed, a deep red coloring his cheeks. “You know they already know who you are.” he confessed. “And yea how do they know? I’ve never talked to them” I paused. “Wait, I Have never talked to them before right? They didn’t switch seats with you and start talking to me instead or grabbed your phone and started messaging me right?” The thought crossed my mind and made me a little paranoid. He laughed at my thought process. “No” he said. “I just talk about you a lot. Outside of other members and idols I only talk to a handful of people who aren’t” he said. “Ah, well you probably have more friends than me” I laughed. “That can’t be true” he shook his head. “Oh no, just with your group you have more than I have friends” I told him. “I know I say ‘my friend’ a lot but for the most part I’m either talking about Marly or Krystal. In school I have two other friends but we aren’t that close” I explained. “I’m apart of your circle of friends” he said giving me puppy dog eyes which made me laugh. “Yes, yea. So I have Marly, you, Krystal and Ji lyn. That is about it” I told him. “Well now I feel like I have a bunch of friends” he said. “Well you can have some of mine” he grinned at me making me laugh. “I don’t know if that is how it works. I mean you have to get along to be friends, and they normally decide themselves if they would want someone as a friend” I explained. “You already met Zelo, Zelo likes you, you can be friends with him” he told me making me laugh with how serious he was about this. I looked outside to see that it infact people outside were staring in at us. I wondered for a split second if he was noticed but than people started walking away. I wasn’t sure if people recognized who he was or not. “Zelo seems like a nice guy” I said thinking about my brief meeting with him. Himchan laughed. “He’s like a big child” he said. “Oh well in that case” I scrunched my nose. “That’s funny” I added after a moment. “You want to meet the rest of the guys?” he asked perking up but I shook my head. “I’d prefer to keep out of that part. Sorry not trying to offend I just know it could create drama” I said. Yes I watched one too many drama’s which is where the idea came from. He looked dumbfounded. “I’ve been talking to him419 for the past couple months not Himchan from B.A.P. I don’t know if I could take it” I added trying to make it sound a little better. “Oh” he was shocked. “You want to just know me?” he questioned. “Well duh. We’ve had similar interests and interesting conversations. I rather take that than anything” I told him. “And if that’s the real you than I’ll stick to it” I added with a shy smile. It got him to grin at me and than go back to being relaxed. “So what places do you want to see?” he asked me. “Hmmm” I said in thought. “You want to see the temples?” he questioned but I shook my head. “What about Gangnam?” he asked. I shook my head again. “I’m not going on a tour bus” he shook his head now making me laugh. “Can’t we just wander around for a while?” I asked him. He looked at me and than nodded. “Cool, lets go!” I said standing up. He just stared at me. “If we stick to sitting here I’m going to pull out my book and finish it” I warned him. For some reason that got a response out of him and he stood up, slung his arm over my shoulder and than started to guide me out of the coffe shop. “You know you have been speaking korean this entire time?” he asked randomly. I thought about what I had been saying and it dawned on me. “I think this morning with all the people and environment I picked up really fast” I answered. “It’s weird. I don’t think I noticed until someone actually says I am” I told him. “You know I thought when I got here I would be wanting sub titles under people’s faces so I could see what they are saying in english, but I don’t really need it” I said making him laugh. “Okay fine I’ve seen so many meme’s with that line that I seriously thought that would be how I would feel, but it isn’t the case” I kept talking. We were walking down the street now. Himchan had pulled his hood up so that his head was covered. Unless you were staring at him directly you wouldn’t pick up on him being a celebrity. “You watch too many drama’s” he laughed. “I know. It’s a sick addiction I have” I shrugged under his arm, which he still had wrapped around me. “Are you still going to take guitar lessons when you go back?” he asked changing the subject. “I’m not sure. I realize I have to get a job when I get back. I know I have the guitar and I can muddle my way through a couple songs but taking an actual class cost a lot of money” I told him. “It does come with a price” he nodded in agreement. We walked down the sidewalk talking about different guitars and styles. There was a back and forth melody going on between us. We made it to the opposite side the street and back again in a complete circle by the time the conversation about music came to an end. “Is there somewhere you want to go?” He questioned. I looked at the time to see that it was already eleven o'clock. Time had gone by fast. “You only have an hour I doubt we can do much in that amount of time” I said but he just grinned. “We could walk down to the studio and see a few places along the way” he said. “Sure” I nodded. “Actually I think Krystal works close by to there we may be able to stop in and say hi” I told him. We walked down the street and when I spotted her shop it looked so busy inside that we opted not to go in and annoy her so instead we continued to walk. Himchan was making small talk about random buildings and sights along the way. It let me have a chance to just listen to him talk. He had a nice voice in person. Although I had already known that before. When they made it in front of the studio building Himchan led the way inside and towards a corridor and into a room. The rest of the members of his group were inside, practicing. “You're here early” one of them said. “Weren’t you, oh she is here with you” Zelo said popping up in front of me. “Hi” he said grinning like a fool. “Hi” she smiled at him. “How is your leg?” he asked. “Better. I’ve been walking around all morning on it too” I told him. “that's good “he nodded “Are you guys ready to practice?” some said from in the room, I looked around. “You can come in and watch us practice “ himChan said. “Really?” I questioned. “Aren’t you guys just going to be dancing and messing up. Oh wait that interests me can I record that?” I asked pulling out my cell phone. “No recording” Youngjae said coming to stand by Himchan. “No fun” I said even as I put my phone away. “I guess I can stay for a while. I wanted to go to the Han river and Gangnam area to see what it’s like. You know I always see the Han river in so many drama’s it's one of those places I want to see right away” I told him. “You can go another day” Himchan said as he grabbed my shoulder and guided me into the room. “Okay okay” I finally agreed.
So the long awaited chapter lol now that I got out a my fog induced writers block I'll update more ☺ and I must say I'm so extatic for B.A.P comeback! a few days away!
this is cute! Awww!
Yay an update...I've missed this story😊