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I love him as the leader.....he can bring a smile to my face when I'm down.
@MelissaGarza He does sound perfect, doesn't he? He could have a secret family... I mean, he's 25 now so he either made it happen and has been keeping that wife and those kids hidden in a cave somewhere or he needs to pick a new number. I really like the difference in age between his answer and Minhyuk's though.
Wow! He sounds perfect. I thought it was funny he wants to be married by age 22 and have 4 children. I wonder if he does that 😂
He is precious and seems so down to earth. he's definitely human. of course he'd run around naked, be awkward around women, be a picky eater, and have x rated thoughts. Typical human. I love this rubber faced, high note singing, shortie pie, supportive, and sweet, pabo leader.