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#pixlr I made this from pixlr the app that I always make covers for on Wattpad I kinda made it for a reason for @AimeBolanos don't ask. But both the shows are AMAZING I love it! Btw if you didn't know (which if you didn't don't have an anime life, kidding kidding)
If you did watch Love Live! Sunshine then who is your fav chaacter so far (including Yohane-chan) For ME I love all of them so far kyyaaa!!! they're so kawaii!!! Who could choose between them. I wonder what Mari and Dia are hiding (Btw if you didn't know it's the blondie and school council president.
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@AichaBangoura and for Ruby's older sister Dia, I think the reason why she won't allow a school idol club bc I believe she tried to be a School Idol but it probably didn't work out....
yeah that's what I predicted too when I saw her Kanan and Mari in cutesy outfits and the audience wasn't there at all
@AichaBangoura and I like how some of the characters like Chika and Dia are like Honaka and Eli with some similarities of personality. Likesome characters have similar personalities to u's
right!!! It's so obvious and the story is kinda the same Eli hated idols but now she IS one and Honoka got inspired by A-Rise and Chika-chan got inspired by u's
@NicoNicoNii @AichaBangoura I agree!! I think Kanan is at the heart of WHY they didn't become idols, and Dia just went along to protect her....Mari got angry & left maybe, but wants to bring them all back...idk!! Can't wait to find out what ti is though :) The third years are my favorites in both u's and aquors!