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The next morning you opened your eyes, and saw Hoseok right infront of you. He was really... Perfect. The way his dimples showed when he moved his lips, his eye lids flinching because of the sunlight, and his beautiful jawline. You stroked through his hair, gently touching his face. His eyes slowly opened up, "(y/n)... When did you wake up?" "Right now" "Aren't you tired from... Yesterday?" You giggled, then comforting silence struck. The distance between you and him got shorter as you moved towards him. You looked at his eyes, then looked at his lips. Your lips matched his. You could feel him being startled. As you pulled out, you saw his eyes SUPER SUPER SUPER big. "Uh... (Y/n)?" "Yeah?" He giggled and said, "Am I that attractive? We had so much fun last nig-" "don't talk about last night... It makes me blush" "heehee~ jagi!" "Yeah?" "Can I get another one?" He pointed to his lips, already puckering. You laughed and said, "Of course, anything for my little ball of sunshine" You met the members in the lobby, jin was literally almost drinking the food... (How do you have a perfect body???) Suga looked tired as always, the maknaes were making trouble already. Namjoon was trying to stop jungkook and jimin from fighting. It was already a mess... Hoseok and yoongi had to finish some things for their songs, namjoon, tae, and jungkook wanted to sleep. But you and jimin wanted to go out and have some fun. So, you two decided to go out. Hoseok kissed you on the forehead and said, "have fun~ be safe jagi!" You made an okay sign and went out. Jimin was already excited at the thought of seeing 'New York'. When you went out, the buildings were amazing, and everything felt great. You took a lot of pictures for jimin, and he took a lot for you. Jimin was probably one of your favorite maknaes. He was caring, cute, and super duper odd (which is his charm.) After seeing the city lights at night, you two came in around 11:00. When you went into the room everyone was in, they all looked freaked out. Hoseok told you to check your phone. '10 missed calls from bang pd-nim' You gasped. "Shoot! I left my phone on silent!" Yoongi showed a new article to you. 'BTS's manager, (y/n) cheating on J hope?' It was all over the internet. A fan noticed you and jimin together, then posted a picture and put it up on her instagram. "I knew it! She never loved our hobie~ if this gets over 100 likes, I'll do a shout out for armies!" Everything was going to be over.
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