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Hey Guys!

There is a scavenger hunt going on in the Monsta X Community and I decided to join in.
I encourage you to join this scavenger hunt because there will also be a prize at the end.
If you would like to learn more about this please check out THIS card!

Okay, Now let the hunt begin!!

1. Pic of I.M's Dimples

I.M and his winks too, though.

2. Pic of Minhyuk Wearing Flowers on His Head

Sunflowers on Minhyuk of course are perfect~

3. Favorite Group Picture of Monsta X

Gotta admit this one was really hard... I love so many; so it took like two hours just to decide. I decided to put this one because I love the rap line a lot in this picture Lol

4. Pic of Hyungwon Wearing Eye Contacts

Speechless... *drools*

5. Pic of Kihyun's Tongue

I love Kihyun's eye smile!

6. Pic of Wonho with Hand Cuffs

Wonho has grown up so much!

7. Video of Minhyuk Waking Up Jooheon

with English subs ;D

8. Favorite Gif of Your Monsta X Bias

So hard to choose just one, but I chose this one because I just love it when he laughs!

9. Favorite Video of Monsta X Funny Moments

I know it's mainly Jooheon moments, but it's one of my favorite funny moments video of Monsta X!

10. Pic of Jooheon with a Gun

Wait what kind of gun? #GUN?? haha Does that count?
I'll put both just in case ;D

11. Video of Wonho and Hyungwon Titanic Moment

hahaha Hyungwon wanted to be the guy!

12. Favorite Monsta X Ship

I've been sailing this ship for hmm... a while already lol
So, of course it has to be Hyungwonho or another ship name for them is 2Won!!
Do I have to explain why?? I think it has been proven! lol
(gif cr: hyunvon)
@BBxGD aaaah, you don't have to!! It's really okay 😆
why... whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I'm so sorryyyyyy .. I'm so so so sorryyyy.. but u know what... imma do an extra for you
Did anyone else almost die😂😂
@MonAnnahiX Noooo... imma do something for u... just don't die lmaoooo