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Attack on Titan Screenshot Game!

Hey Guys! I loved how many people were actually having having fun with the games and decided to make more games for other Animes!

This game is dedicated to the amazing (yet pretty intense Anime) known as Attack on Titan!

Again this game is for BOTH SEXES! So everyone can join in and have fun together as we should in the Vingle Community!

(Thanks to @neevp I was able to make this awesome gif/pic edit) So I hope you guys have fun and enjoy this game as well (And if you do not know this Anime TuT I apologize in advanced)

Your Girlfriend! (And if you are a girl this is your Bestfriend!)

Your Boyfriend! (And if you are a guy then this is your Bestfriend!)

The Team You Are On!

Your Teacher/Senpai (xD)


If you're really Human or Human/Titan!

I hope you guys try this game out and have lots fun with the game I made! And If you do play make a card and Tag me!

Tagging! (If you would like to be removed let me know & If you would like to be added Ask as well!)

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@Mikazuki1 Of Course! Would you like me to tag you guys in future games?! @YumiMiyazaki @ynah2002 @ZephyrBlaze @AnbuRose
a year ago·Reply
@AimeBolanos sure ^ω^
a year ago·Reply
@Mikazuki1 Yay haha 😊
a year ago·Reply
Bestfriend- Mikasa Boyfriend- Eren Team- Scouting Legion Sempai is Levi ❤❤😍😍(YAY) I'm Human (ㅠ.ㅠ wanted to be human and titan but oh wellㅠ.ㅠ)
a year ago·Reply
girlfriend: girl who gets crushed by Annie's foot....forgot her name lol best friend: Eren Senpai: Levi human or human/Titan: Titan and part of the stationary guard
a year ago·Reply