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So I'm talking about two things in one on this card. One is about a sort of upcoming project that I want to start working on and another are updates about my stories and myself.


For a while now, I've been wanting to have sort of like a project done where we write a story together. The idea sounds pretty fun to me! haha. Anyways, for one to work with me there are a few requirements. {I want to work with more than one person, but I'll see how that goes.} 1. You have to be active. I understand that school is starting soon (It starts in two weeks for me. sigh.) but I would really appreciate it if you give me your time for at least a day in a week. (: 2. Be respectful. My biggest pet peeve is when someone is being rude to someone else. I can be rude at times, & I've been told that I can really bring a person down if I wanted to. In other words, be mean to others and I'll shoot you down. (: 3. Please know more than one group. In upcoming stories, I'm writing about groups other than the mainstream ones. I would really love to work with someone who loves a variety of groups. 4. My stories stand for something sometimes. You have to realize, I'm very picky when it comes to stories. I am more of a 'girl power!' where the girl saves herself rather than a boy doing just that. (x) (: Of course I also write stories where the boy needs someone. (x) ~ My stories are very diverse and sometimes don't have a happy ending. Please understand if my soul wants to speak with the dark side.

How To Apply

I can't just choose someone out of the blue so you'll have to battle it out. :D I'm kidding-ish. To apply you need to write me a short story. You can include why you would like to work with me, but this is optional. (It will however, raise the probability of you being my partner!) The story can be femalexmale, malexmale, or femalexfemale. I don't have a preference. The story could be about anything, an angst, romance, mystery, anything! No smut. (I don't have anything against smut, but that's not what I'm looking for.) If you need help coming up with concepts I will give you a few. (: 1. A break up story. I love crying my eyes out sometimes, so this story could be about a pair breaking due to reasons. 2. A getting back together story. In this story, you could be getting back with a lost love or giving it a little plot twist where you're just like, "Nah, you hurt me." Be realistic and logical with this one. 3. The beginning of a love story. I don't really like cliché stories, so be a little bit different with this one. As in that you two are in a mission on a boat and you kill people together. :D (I just finished watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm sorry) 4. Girl power! This one could mean a lot of things. Basically one that speaks that girls can do what guys can (saving a guy or girl) and that guys need saving (when they're emotional and just pour out their feelings to you.) ~ These stories could be posted on here, or you could send them to me via message on here! You can comment it down as well if you'd like. (If you want to read some of my stories, here is a card compiled of them x)


The stories that you've all requested in the past are still being written. I'm still recovering from my writer's block, and I'm in my second week of band camp. Basically I barely even have time to myself or even time to write. I'm working on all of the stories at once and I've become a bit stressed out because I just want my brain and heart to work together because I'm taking too freaking long. Today and tomorrow are my resting days, but I'll try to work on them tonight. I have a few updates on a few stories as well. On LINES, it'll hopefully (*crosses fingers*) be updated by tomorrow as well as Run Valentine. This is a maybe, depending on the small given time that I have. In the 'In A Relationship Series With BTS,' A new prologue might be updated by either tonight or tomorrow. (: In the scenarios requested, please wait a little longer. I'm not entirely sure when they are to be posted, but I'll try my best to work on them. The story that is based off of 'Peter Pan,' will be posted very soon! I will introduce the cast and things you need to know on a different card soon.
can't wait!
tag me tho I need story's to read
Good luck.....I'm more of an editor, not a writer.
Btw, that YoonMin pic at the beginning of this card is the cutest thing.
But I can't wait.
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