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DAY 12 - Your favorite drama OST (instrumental)?

So, I have a favorite instrumental OST from Healer but it's not my favorite OST. I have a bunch of favorite drama OST's that aren't instrumental. So, I'll choose my favorite OST that has lyrics.


"Just One Day" by Go Young So & Danny Ahn (Marriage Not Dating) I love this song so much, the build up of it makes it so much worth it near the end of the song. My favorite part of the song is near the very end when he hits that high note, it sounds so beautiful and I love it so much! It's such a great song <3 I really recommend this drama, it's underrated but it's really good and this song. The chemistry too, it's a cute and more mature drama.


1. "What Should I Do?" by Jisun (Boys Over Flowers) Always has been near the top for me, I couldn't stop replaying it at one point. It's so addicting to listen to! 2. "Back In Time" by Bii (Bromance) This one as well, addicting and Bii's voice! 3. "Someone Like You" by Jung Il Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) He has such a good voice and I had no idea. 4. "I'm Saying" by Lee Hong Ki (The Heirs) I love Lee Hong Ki's voice and this song is so catchy and fun to sing! 5. "Always" by Yoon Mirae (Descendants of the Sun) Beautiful song and voice! 6. "Auditory Hallucinations" by Jang Jae In (Kill Me, Heal Me) I just love this song so much, I had an obsession for awhile. 7. "Paradise" by DAVINK (Falling For Innocence) Such an upbeat and thriving song to listen to! 8. "Star Love Ration" : Ballad version by Kera Kera (Last Cinderella) Calm and lovely melody.

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what YOUR favorite drama ost is!

My favorite is I Remember You
personally not a fan of instrumental but I really like why from full house
Omg! Can't believe you mentioned Dating Not Marriage. I don't think much people saw that drama but it was one of my favorite kr rom-com.
my favorite regular k osts are Love Rain, Coffee Prince, My love from the Stars, I need romance 3, Night Watchmans Journal, and Kill Me Heal Me. my favorite instrumental ost are from Moon Embracing the Sun and Queen Inhyun's Man.
yes i like it ,but my veforit drama is any drama about ghost
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