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KpopINT will be bringing you a brand new segment called-
Yup! You guessed it!

Korean Cooking 101!

With your primary host, me! @Sailynn :D
Looks like Kyungsoo oppa is excited! :3
Even Jin oppa is curious! :3
You heard it right ladies and gents!
I will be going through all the steps of everything I make, pulling recipes from all over South Korea, and even accepting requests!
If we wanna go to South Korea, we gotta prepare ourselves for the delicious wonders to come! :D
Grab yo crayons and a notebook, because things are gonna get hot in this kitchen! :3
How bout some Gordon Ramsay to kick off this wonderful journey?! XD
Ah! Before I forget! (Sorry Jun oppa!)

~~I will be creating a separate taglist for this segment so please comment below if you wish to be added! :D

I look forward to eating with you all! :D
Stay tuned for the first card here shortly!
This has been, your primary host, @Sailynn!
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tag me please!
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tag me
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please tag me for this segment ☺
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Add me, please! πŸ™Œ \πŸ˜„
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tag me please πŸ˜€
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