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Hello hellooo!
Welcome to Korean Cooking 101 with your host, me! @Sailynn! :D
This is the segment where I hunt down recipes and try them out, then go through step by step on teaching you the wonders that I picked up!
This way, when you get to Korea, you'll be able to eat comfortably as if you were eating at home!
I hope you're ready to waken those taste buds with the amazing flavors that Korea has to offer!

(Disclaimer~ I can't promise it'll look as delicious as that photo...... but it will taste delicious! :D)

Let's get some background info before we start~
There's 2 main ingredients we gotta talk about before we get cooking, and that is Kimchi, (김치) and Rice (밥)
Kimchi (김치) - Something that we either know what it is and have tasted it, or we don't know what it is exactly but have heard it being mentioned in countless dramas and by multiple idols.
김치 is pickled cabbage, often spicy depending on where you got it from or how you made it. It's created with a mix of garlic, salt, vinegar, chile peppers, and other spices that add onto its goodness.
Moral of the story here, 김치 is used as a side dish in every meal and is known to be the national dish of Korea and to be very healthy!
Yes, it has a unique taste and smell, but blending it with other foods really helps balance it all out so one can quickly get use to it!
(Trust me, the first time I smelled it, I was like 'WHAT ARE THOSE!?' ..... It was within the past year XD)
Rice (밥) - We all know about rice. Whether it's white rice or brown rice, or even fried rice, it is definitely something that everyone has tried at least once. We also know how heavily used rice is in Asian countries too because it's a stable food for over 50% of the world's population while wheat and maize haven't even reached those numbers since its discovery.
Basically, if you're more into pasta and bread, I highly recommend you start eating more 밥 because it's also used in almost every single dish in Korea with the different ways it can be transformed!
(Can I get an amen for whoever invented rice cakes!? <3)
If requested, I can make cards to further explain the Korean historical background on either of these ingredients. :)
Ok~ Enough with the history lesson, let's get started! :D
Note: What you use and what I use may be different, but don't worry, substitutes are always a great way to expand your creativity in the kitchen!
I'll always try to stick to the original ingredients but if I don't have something, I'll substitute it, but it's okay, I'll let you know when I do!


(Serves about 4 but I only made enough for myself and my sister)
4 cups of cooked rice (It doesn't matter if it's short rice or whatever, just make sure to cook it first!:))
7 oz of kimchi (I used the brand above but use whichever you have!)
5 oz ground pork (ATTN: I did not have unfrozen ground pork so I substitute for Spam..... :3)
1/4 of a carrot
1/2 an onion
4 eggs (The egg goes on top at the very end so if you're only making for yourself, then you can just use 1 egg. :))
4 tablespoons vegetable oil (I substitute it for sesame oil because I didn't have vegetable oil, but use whichever you have! Don't go out and buy a specific kind!)
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Salt and ground pepper for taste


Prep 1.~ Make sure you cook your rice before anything! Honestly, I love making white rice in large portions because then it'll already be ready to go next time I'm in the kitchen! :D
Prep 2.~ Chop up the kimchi into smaller pieces ONLY if your kimchi is in whole pieces.
Prep 3.~ Chop up the carrot and onion into bite sized pieces. Does it have to be perfect? Of course not! I won't go Gordon Ramsay on you if it's not extra fine! XD I just don't want ya'll to choke! D:


Step 1 ~ Heat a large skillet over medium to high heat. Add the oil and chopped onions then stir-fry them until they start turning translucent. Then add the pork (In my case, it was Spam), carrot and kimchi.
Step 2 ~ When the pork is fully cooked, (Or when my spam was toasted evenly), add the rice and continue stir-frying. Lastly, season the dish with soy sauce, salt and black pepper.
Step 3 ~ In Another frying pay, fry the eggs sunnyside up format. Then when you serve yourself in a bowl, place a fried egg on top to finish it off.
This is mine^
The differences- My egg didn't want to cooperate, (~e.e)~ I had no pork so I used spam, ~(e.e~) And I didn't fry the rice, I just used white rice because I completely misread that part about adding it to the pan.... XD :/
So hopefully yours looks better than mine!

If you make it, post it on Instagram and tag us @kpop_int

This way I can see how you did it and maybe steal (borrow) some of your add-ons! :3
Well ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough! :D
Tell me what you thought! Have you created Kimchi Bokkeum Bap before?
What did you add?
How did you like it?
Was it easy?
Let me know! :D
I'll be doing more recipes so please enjoy! :D
I'll be taking requests via inbox or comments too! Thank you everyone! <3
This has been Korean Cooking 101 with your host, @Sailynn! <3 :D
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